The Hanged Man

- (I) Cambridge

Hanging upside down with a rope around a foot
The ancient road to Cambridge
Now a railroad-two parallel tracks
Going nowhere
Academics calling themselves teachers
Bootlickers lies themselves students
Charlatans of illusion
No appreciation of greatness
No aspiration no elevation, to be here
No more time to be wasted
Mere words have no place
in the life of human beings

- (II) No golden dawn

Golden castles rotten to the core
Sons of sons going through the motions
of old decaying wealth
Solemn rituals of old men, weak willed youth
This is supposed to be "the creme de la creme"
These hermits
More dead than the lifeless society at large
I laugh at this pathetic elite
I laugh at you for being governed by them
No pity have I left for slaves lower than sheep
You don't want me in your sight, you won't listen
Well the joke is on you
You cut me, you cut yourself
Expelled - HA! You can't hold me down
No one can No golden dawn