Iím convinced that the present world society will never participate in such a bold venture, but let us, for the sake of argument, pretend that it will. Letís pretend that smaller, independent communities inciting change, all over the world, must not do all the work, while being harassed and persecuted and burned, at the stake, by the tyrants, the lead destroyers, by their adoring, mindless and lifeless public, that the eager servants of civilization will allow its doom voluntarily. Lets pretend for one small moment in Time, that fairy tales are true.
   Letís do the study...


   This question has been a lot on peopleís lips lately. We will here do our best to explain the easier ways to make it happen.
   Itís not difficult, really. What is needed is to turn the forces of ęprogressĽ around, making them turn on themselves. Instead of destroying ever more land, ever more Life, with tarmac, concrete, steel, plastic and glass, we start by aiding Nature in its process of reclaiming what is lost.
   Awareness is so lacking in the current life of humans, that even the slightest matter of course is difficult, like breathing under water. Awareness of Self, Nature and our surroundings, must be reawakened. But even if a huge majority of the present day population should succeed in this, it's still not sufficient. Thought and desire must be followed by action. And even so the hierarchy, the power structure, would do its utmost to crush any opposition, and it has every major physical institution on its side. Private and "public" government must be abolished, broken up and abandoned. Factories must go, all bigger production facilities, cities and tall buildings, the cancer cells of civilization, must disappear from the Earth. The goal within a given time frame is that every individual, or group of individuals, must be self-sufficient. If someone wants a technical/mechanical appliance, they must build it personally, in their own space, in their own nest. Technology on some level will probably always exist, but it must be on the premises of Nature. Nature should ever be the guide.
   And after a while we may finally become scattered tribes of Nomads once again, on an Earth where Freedom is not a used up, tired, worn down, four letter word.

   Quite frankly? I don't believe age-old institutions of power and tyranny can be dismantled peacefully, but this is a series of interconnected suggestions to at least show that it is not impossible.


Beginnings      Intermission      Precipice      Destruction




   Suggestions to possibly improve the process will be appreciated and welcomed. We're looking forward to discussing the vast subject.
   Please don't send messages like: "I don't think civilization should be dismantled. It's the best thing that has ever happened to mankind". We know that there are some people clinging to that belief. There are some people claiming that sliced bread is great, too...
   We've decided on a different approach and would like a lot of constructive comments.


   Find Life, find proof, that the human spirit is still alive! Experience the Joke of Civilization, the Joke we all play on ourselves.