One question and one question only, set me off tonight, in a moment of despair, a lifetime of sustaining rage.


How long will it take for us to finally get the Joke? How long are we gonna fool ourselves?




  We work day out, day in, often nights, too, contributing to society, doing , as they say, our duty. Because of duty, because of necessity. We work and strive our entire life inside the cage of society, tolling under the yoke, so that we one day shall no longer need to work. It's the old well known image, once again, time and time again: The donkey chasing the carrot. The stick and the carrot. Chasing the carrot, hanging from a stick on its back.

  Yes, we are that stupid!

  Nine to four, day after day. An entire life wasted. Robots arising each day to do their appointed tasks.



  We are taught this subhuman behavior from the day we're born, enforced ever more subtle and decisive while we're reaching adolescence and adulthood. Obediance and society's version of responsibility are not bred into us, but washed and rinsed into our mind and patterns of behavior from very early age. Be good, get reward - sweets, trinkets and (junk) pearls. Disobey - and be punished. Reward and punishment, 'till we don't know ourselves anymore, until we no longer know up from down, black from white, anymore. We're sent through the Meat Grinder so many times, that it's a miracle if we survive until adulthood with our faculties and creativity and humanity somewhat intact. We're damaged goods, easy to control, easier to fool.

  The present world, organized into a pyramid, with the few on top and the many at the bottom, do need control, do need empty husks of human beings, to function, to exist, and we go along with it, not to protect our well being, but to exist one more day, one more moment, by the masters' grace.

  Yes, the Joke sure is on us...



Find Life, find proof, that the human spirit is still alive!

This close, just around the corner is The Book of Shadows


The Joke of Civilization