Poison Pills

Tumor (Cancer cell)

by Amos Keppler


The Tumor, civilization itself, isn't just making our physical self sick, it's also destroying our spirit, the Fire inside.

10.000 years ago, a moron - or a group of morons - decided to go to war against the Planet. This unacceptable situation has continued until this day.

10.000 years ago, we humans were hunters and nomads. We moved our camp and often sought new hunting grounds. It was a necessity, but it also gave us variety and spice in our lives. Travels were encouraged. Diversity was a preferred way of living. Then... something happened. Maybe it happened overnight or it evolved over a longer period of time. Who can tell? The final(?) result was that we got stuck in permanent residences.

There were about five millions human individuals at the time. That's too much. There wasn't enough game for the human beast anymore. Of course, the "chosen" solution made some sense there and then when they couldn't, as we can today, look at the terrible consequences.


I don't know where the first city was located. Nobody knows. One of the first is called "Çatal Hüyük" and was built on the plains of Konya in the present Turkey. It precedes the communities in Eufrat and Tigris, Mesopotamia, with several thousand years. It was indeed the cradle of civilization.

It is unimportant. The important thing is the result, the result we keep struggling with today.

There have been some archeological digs inside and close to Çatal Hüyük. The most important about them is the evolving of the exposed gravesites. In archeology Gravesites are seen as very important indications on how people lived. In the oldest graves there are no significant differences in how the dead was buried. But after 500 years or so, there was a major change. A few people are buried with an increasing amount of marks of distinctions. More guns, finer clothes, more women etc. We see a distinct difference between chiefs and other tribe members.

Catal Hoyuk

The Disease started with a few scattered settlements. We lost the Freedom. We lost our minds, we lost our souls. Not with the use of the first fence, but with the first wall. There are people today who're claiming that agriculture is capable of feeding more people with less energy. More and more people are fortunately beginning to disagree with them. What is becoming more and more evident is that while most people today are working at least 6 hours a day on average to survive, many hunter tribe members, don't need more than 2 hours a day on the average. "Pure" agriculture communities are somewhat inbetween. Another lie of civilization revealed.

But even if that one was true... There are those who claim this to be beneficial, but I reject such a foolish notion. There's the entire picture to consider. We can't look at life from the isolated and narrow perspective of the twentieth century. I refuse to do that. Agriculture made us resident, it made us stuck. And "able" to stay resident, we built cities. To stay resident in the cities we expanded the agriculture. To expand the agriculture we expanded the cities...

We became dependent on our environment instead of being an integral part of it. Crafts, specialization developed, and as a result of that, the hierarchy. From the top gods, priests, kings, aristocrats, craftsmen, workers, thralls, slaves. People began to toil under the gods, under the burden. They begged for more rain, less rain, more crops, etc. They begged. And they began to fear the generous and merciless nature. And it became more distant century by century. Priests interpreted increasingly the will of the gods.

Catal Hoyuk - tool Catal Hoyuk - goddess

Recoveries from the "lost" Çatal Hüyük.
Catal Hoyuk - Stone

"In the beginning the fear created the gods."

(Genesis 6:6.6)

In this first era of the City, it had clear advantages over the surroundings when it came to survival. And not the least, propagation. More children was born, more children grew up. More and more tools were made. The city grew even bigger.

Tool Tool

Until it grew too big. And all the crops, all the grain, the nearby fields could give, was no longer enough. Families and groups began to move out and away from the city. Those without major means, the lowest of rank within and without families. Or a high ranking official sent out to clear new land. "Catal Hoyuk's" influence spread across The Earth. The first city or the first cities, may have created ten copies of itself during this first, critical cycle. Or maybe just two or three. Anyway, it was enough. The original ruled the outgrowths. A while. It did not last long, before the rivaling did start. Quarrels about land, about influence, about Power... The overgrown tribes started their first, destructive wars. Better weapons were developed. The group/tribe who made and/or possessed weapons that killed the highest number of enemies, most efficient, won the war. And expanded its influence. Over land, over people. The losers, if they survived, was made slaves or they escaped far away and built their own cities, their own kingdoms. Determined to once upon a time make their own tribe bigger, deadlier and more powerful than the Enemy Mine they had run away from. New land was "cleared" and less untouched Earth remained.

The hunt for new land has continued to this day, when there is no more land left.

A malignant tumor will always attempt to recreate itself. It represents a system other than the established organism and will ever seek to undermine it. But it's not a lifeform in a traditional sense. It doesn't compete with other species about survival in a given environment, but instead it degenerates and eventually destroys its natural environment, what it needs to survive. Once it has established itself within an organism it spreads like wildfire and destroys everything in its way. These scenarios are however far from being totally comparable, because a fire can be seen as nature's way of clearing the way for new life. Cancer only leaves unfruitful ashes. It breaks down, destroys the host organism. And by this its own chance for life. It probably doesn't know why. It just happens. And it expires in a despairing, intelligible deathrattle. The reason why it behaves as such an utterly and complete idiot is hidden in its remote and forgotten past. It cannot halt its disastrous journey. It doesn't know how.


We can see it all of us. Easily. Easiest from the air, of course. The Tumors are strangling the landscape, like a gray, poisonous mass. Between each tumor we can see the interconnected lines. Lines of Stone Desert that stretch in every direction and the moving coffins that transport corrupted material between the hungry pits.

Call our societies anthills. It's not (unfortunately) an altogether wrong comparison. We obey commands from central command systems. We obey eagerly and with a certain twisted ingenuity. Their purpose is ours. And their purpose is total insanity. We know this inside, and we know it well, but we do nothing about it. Nothing that has much purpose. Of course, there is nothing inherently wrong with anthills or with ants for that matter... but we're not ants! If there is a leader ant sitting somewhere, hiding in plain sight, then the person concerned is obviously totally nuts, completely off its guard. And we follow its orders, until death and destruction, all our days.

Yes, people, we have most certainly made our bed.

It's about time now, to behave like the sophisticated, intelligent species we claim we are. We know what we are not. We are not sheep that without a single independent thought let us be driven off the cliff. In the midnight fire we know what we are. We are, quite simply, human. We should begin to behave,act like human beings again. Soon. If not, there will very soon be left only an anthill. An anthill...

Or a cancer cell tumor.

Amos Keppler
Nomad and Hunter
(and proud of it)
326. night 12051
In the first year in the time of The Crimson Tide


With a little help from
Oyvind Holm (a.k.a. David Huxley)
Especially the quote
That was GREAT!


This is not all, you human beings. Not by a long shot.

   Humanity has changed over 50 percent of the Earth.

   Take a good look around and see what you see...

   My claim is that you and every human on Earth, will "spot" digging, construction work going on on previously unspoiled ground, in their immediate neighborhood. Exceptions to this rule live far from even a minor population center. A new shopping mall or industtrial "park" is build. The cancer keep digesting healthy tissue. The Earth is still big, but it is being destroyed bit by bit, piece by piece... until nothing but concrete... and Mega City remains.


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