Mega City

               There is no fire here,

   nothing boiling the blood of the human being.There is concrete and gray fog as far as the eye can see.

   At long last humanity has conquered the Earth. They have Control. There is no more lightning, no more rain. Nothing happens without humans willing it.

Mega City stretches on forever. Mega City is eternal.


   Greetings, Citizens (says The Voice), on this to our city an excalted day. Rise from your bed and let us hail our great City:

There is Law, there is Order
Everything is good
Everything is great
In Mega City we're born
In Mega City we live
Here we get evrything we need
There is nothing else
We need nothing else
All has a place here

We salute our standard
(our beautiful flag)
There's no wind to tear it apart
No one not saluting it
Our Flag is forever
Our excalted now
Are only exceeded
By our glorius future
We sing to you, Mega City
We hail you, and sing your praise



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This commercial was instigated yesterday,
and is paid for by the Program For Improved Lower Street Life.