Timothy Joyce:
   No known birth date or birthplace. First public appearance during a French talk show eleven years ago. Declared his war against modern human society five years ago in the Japanese city of Nukamura, eradicating it from the face of the Earth.

   Jeremy Zahn:
   Born in Camden Town in Northern London, United Kingdom October 31st 1980. Studied Journalism before he joined the police academy, quickly becoming one of the most promising young recruits ever. Quit the force after his first, dramatic encounter with Timothy Joyce.

   Monica Valdez:
   No known birth date or birthplace. One of Joyce’ Lieutenants. Like Joyce himself she has no past, no records of her existence. She is, if possible even more mysterious, more of a ghost than he is.

   Monica Valdez:
   Born in San Diego, California October 31st 1990. Joined the police academy after completing High School. Mother Esmaralda of Mexican ancestry. Father unknown.

   Gwen Talbot:
   Born in Central London, United Kingdom October 31st 1980. Daughter of Abner Talbot, one of the most prominent, celebrated and decorated policemen in the annals of Scotland Yard. One of Joyce’s Lieutenants. Joyce originally kidnapped her, and there is a great dissent whether or not she is brainwashed or eventually joined his cause of her own, free will.

   Arnold Springsteen:
   Born in Los Angeles, California, United States of America July 2nd 1962. He joined the LAPD in his early youth and rose steadily in the ranks to his present position as Chief.

   Janet Caldwell:
   Born in Portland, Oregon, United States of America May 10th 1978. Briefly in the military service after completing High School. Former Mercenary. After a turbulent life she joined LAPD five years ago. Was «headhunted» by Arnold Springsteen.

   Kent Russo:
   Born in Los Angeles March 15th 1977. Joined LAPD after High School. Have had a fairly unremarkable career.

   James Wells:
   Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States of America October 3rd 1982. Transferred from NYPD a year ago.

   Elliott Lasko:
   Born in Los Angeles March 5th 1975. Has been a police officer his entire adult life, but is also known as a movie buff. Won a local Hollywood competition recently, excelling in his knowledge of hundred years of Hollywood film-production.

   Arthur Markham:
   Born in India of British diplomat parents April 11th 1948. Arrived in California in the late sixties, the heyday of the hippie movement, his ideas of Eastern spirituality becoming an instant hit. Founded the Arthur Markham School of Arts and Development For the Gifted in San Francisco in 1971. Moved the school to Katmandu in Nepal in 1983 after a number of controversies and financial troubles. In Katmandu he is married and has two children.
   Timothy Joyce joined the school eight years ago. One year later he and Markham’s daughter Abigael left the school with over half the student body and a number of the teachers, leaving the school in tatters. It is said that Markham was never the same after that. Persistent rumors claim that when he died recently in a simple hut on the Nepal/Indian border, all his followers had abandoned him and he was more than a bit insane.

   Abigael Markham:
   Born in Katmandu February 12th 1985. Daughter of Arthur Markham and Julia Weng, a Hong Kong woman of mixed racial background.

   Louis Markham:
   Born in Katmandu February 16th 1992. Son of Arthur Markham and Julia Weng, a Hong Kong woman of mixed racial background.

   David Kelly:
   British. Born in London West End April 14th 1970. Infamous journalist. It is said about him that he can dig up everything and anybody from anywhere. Extravagant exposés weren’t born with David Kelly, but he lays claim to having reinvented it.

   David Berry:
   United States citizen. Born in New York October 27th 1975. Called the propaganda’s favorite son. It’s well known he is employed by various industrial ventures, among them COMSAT putting the spin on things to better fit his masters’ needs. David Berry is the ultimate fourth estate journalist.

   Jacques Malin:
   Born in France 22nd May 1958. Adventurer, journalist, freelancer, professed nomad. One of the few having done an in depth interview with Jeremy Zahn. It is rumored he has even interviewed Timothy Joyce himself, and is just waiting for the right moment to publish the interview.

   Abner Talbot:
   British. Born in Manchester August 4th 1950. Old school policeman. Made grand old man of British police by rising slowly in the ranks in the seventies and eighties. Father of Gwen Talbot.

   Todd Winston:
   Born in London April 24th 1980. Casino administrator in London before his remarkable disappearing act. Another victim of Timothy Joyce’ random whims.

   Rafe Charles:
   Birth date and birthplace unknown. Drug smuggler and peddler. Encountered Timothy Joyce once in the execution of his work, and was never the same afterwards. Has gained notoriety after his death because of allegedly having written a diary and compiled a scrapbook detailing Joyce’ movements across the planet.

   Jimmy Swain:
   Born in San Diego, California 1985. Martial Arts teacher in Venice, Los Angeles.

   Alexei Stasvej:
   Born in Moscow, Russia December 12th 1965. Environmental activist. Was a Colonel in the Russian army, before leaking «state secrets» about disastrous conditions in Russian Nuclear Industry. Fled the country before the trial. Has basically lived as a man without a country since, with no papers, no lasting passport. Worked a while for UNEP, the United Nations Environmental Program, where he also got his temporary traveling papers. Currently living in Australia on government mercy.




















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