Jeremy Zahn was twenty-seven years old when the infamous international terrorist Timothy Joyce struck against Magic Club Casino in London. All commentators agree that this had a fundamental impact on him, that it changed his entire life.
   Not so strange, some say. Joyce shot him twice in the chest and kidnapped his fiancée.
   True enough, others say. But they feel it all goes far deeper than that, that the two mentioned… drastic results of the men’s first encounter are merely superficial compared to the long-term consequences. Jonathan Tarrant, director by the department of psychology by the center of strategic studies in London said this to the journalist David Kelly after the just as dramatic incidents in Tokyo:
   - The incidents at Magic Club, unquestionably drastic quickly gained a further significance. Zahn wasn’t primarily driven by vengeance, as one would expect. No, everything worked as a catalyst, worked as a liberation, a departure from his old life with its closed rooms and limitations. Speak with his old friends and those who knew him before he left London, and you will get the confirmation you’re looking for. The confirmation that he hasn’t merely gone through one but several personality changes the last few years, as if he is constantly recreating himself. This may sound like I’m claiming he’s suffering from a split personality disorder, but I will claim decisively that he isn’t. My impression is rather this: Every time he discovers a new side of himself he feels an enormous need to express it. An ID, an ego previously heavily suppressed by the modern society is now throwing all inhibitions, all caution to the wind…
   Jeremy Zahn studied journalism before he started on his seemingly promising career within the London Police department. His father, an overworked government employee died of heart attack quite young. The mother vanished without a trace under mysterious circumstances five years ago.

   A life, seemingly quite ordinary is, when scrutinized revealed to be ever more abnormal.



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