The Weekly Report Cornerstone

   WEEK 42 Oct 6th to 12th 2003


   Another revelation of something already known
   By Amos Keppler

   Do you know why most people refuses to grow, why they don't take that one, decisive step further, rebelling totally against the current society and its pervasive injustice? It's comparable to remaining in bed in the morning. It feels great there, at first, doesn't it? You are tugged in, below the down, resting your head against the soft pillow. But after a while the discomfort starts setting in. Limbs grow stiff, the mind feels like a balloon about to burst. You know you have to get up, but you remain in bed, where it is safe. Away from the cold floor, the sharp, fresh air cutting your skin. You finally rise, and after a while you can't understand why you didn't leave the bed sooner. But the day after you have forgotten all about it, and you keep staying in bed. And also because of one, very important fact: You are lonely there away from all those nice, safe beds, and you return to yours. The bed may be burning. It may float down a raging river. But you see only the bed. It is your entire world. It's full of poisons. It's unhealthy to stay in bed all day and not move. You are given electrical shocks. All the people in all the beds are. But you see, experience only the bed, and you are lonelier than ever. But the world outside, the fresh air, the nice touch of your naked feet on the cool floor doesn't exist. And the people, with the levers, administering the shocks, releasing the poisons, staying in their slightly bigger and softer beds are grinning all day long, in their stupor.





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Entered 2003-10-07