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   WEEK 39 Sept 15th to 21st 2003

   The Weekly Report kitchen (Daisy's place)


   You might be not be surprised to learn that almost everything you've been told about food is wrong. Take the standard cheese sandwich as an example...
   Proteins need acid to break them down, carbohydrates need alkalines. If you eat both in the same meal, the body doesn't know what to do - panics, secretes acids and alkalines, neutralising each other so the whole mess of bread and cheese literally rots. The bread ferments, the cheese goes rancid. They go into the small intestine not properly digested and it takes hours - maybe even a day - before they get shitted out.
   We are not really designed to eat carbohydrates at all. All this grain shit is civilised food. We find it hard to digest it anyway. But if you eat protein with it the problem is much, much exasperrated.
   Also at least 70% of our total diet should be water rich foods like fruit and veg. The more the better. Only with fruit...
It is digested almost immediately - 20-30 minutes and it's out of the stomach shooting along the small intestine. That's great. Eat fruit, fruit, fruit. It has perfect proportions of all the stuff we need. But don't eat anything for 30 mins after you eat it and only eat it about 3 hours after anything else. Otherwise it'll ferment with the other stuff in your stomach.
   Another thing to remember is that the body has three cycles. Times vary according to individuals, but roughly for most people:

   Elimination = 4am to noon Body gets rid of wastes, toxins.
   Appropriation = noon to 8pm. Body eats as much as it needs.
   Absorbtion = 8pm to 4am. Body absorbs all the nutrients.

   So eat fruit in the morning up to noon. Loads of it if you're hungry.
   Still skeptical? The best thing is just to try it for a week and see.
   And really stick to it at first.

   As when you do fasts, you'll go through a cleansing crisis at first. You know the usual. Just crappy stuff getting flushed out and old wounds healing up now they've got some energy to do so.
   You can eat two carbos at the same meal (don't know why) but never eat two different proteins - nuts and flesh for eg. And don't eat much meat.
   It's all about giving your digestive system a bit of help. Once you do it for a while you won't want to clog yourself up with shitty civilised food. We don't need to eat half as much as we do. We just need to eat better quality food.
   And this isn't a diet, it's a different way of eating, a different way of thinking about food. It goes against all the establishment nutritional advice, the food pyramid etc. That advice is funded largely by the wheat, dairy, sugar and meat industry which needs people to over-eat wrongly-combined foods so they make lots of money. We've also got a long history of badly-combined foods. Favourite meal of the Sumerians was bread and meat (hamburger) and all the Meditteranean/Arab civilised people loved their pittas, pizzas, pastas, chippatis... We only started eating all that stodge when we began civilisation. Before that we ate fruit and leaves and roots. Freshly killed meat, insects, fish and nuts. No cultivated starches for wild people. But civilisation needed to feed lots of people, fill them up with crappy stody foods, bulk them out.
   It would of course be best to have a hunter gatherer diet, but in the circumstances this will do. Keep it as raw, juicy, fresh and organic as you can. Don't eat roasted nuts, coffee, tea, dairy, sugar and cooked fruit (including tomatoes - a fruit/veg) at least til you've tried this for a week. Remember to chew, chew, chew, and don't eat if you're full. It's amazing how much we greedy pigs do this!
   You'll probably find you don't want to eat rubbish after a week anyway. Most of your childish cravings will have disappeared. Your attitude to food will change completely and you'll wonder how you ever ate all that shitty civilised processed shit.
   Not a diet, but a transformation. Try it and see for yourself.





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Entered 2003-09-19