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   WEEK 34 Aug 11th to 17th 2003


   Icebergs in the Alps and all over the world are melting so fast these days that you are able to observe it as it happens, "with the naked eye". The Aletsch glacier in Switzerland has shrunk three kilometers the last thirty years, progressively faster the last ten. This is just one of many. This is a typical speed, not an exception. The reason is the escalating human created Global Warming.
   At the coast of England people can literally see how the waves are eating the coastline, as the sea is rising faster and faster, much faster than any predictions. Increased wind and droughts are creating the biggest forest fires in recorded history. All temperature records everywhere are broken year by year. In England those records date back to the twelfth century. In United States power grids taxed beyond endurance for decades are finally collapsing.
   This, with variations was the headline in French media recently, the same day it became public knowledge that thousands of people had died of the record-breaking heat wave this summer. As the human enhanced Greenhouse Effect increases in leaps and bounds established media is increasingly focusing on "the positive effects of Global Warming". As the Sahara Desert spreads further and further north in Europe, as the deserts in America, Asia and Australia are spreading beyond any boundary, as summer storms are happening where there have never been summer storms, as animal species are seen further north and south than they have ever been, the public soothing policies are getting desperate. Sedatives are issued in the form appearing in Scandinavian newspapers recently: "Summer will last six weeks longer in ten years. We can look forward to southern summer temperature levels in late September".
   - The economy will definitely benefit from this, a stockbroker is quoted saying. - There will be more tourists running from the heat further south, and energy will get cheaper and can be used more to industrial production. There is also a growing need for air condition packages. Strawberries and other food and fruits can be grown for months longer, perhaps even the entire year.
   This as the middle parts of Norway is suffering from one of its worst floods ever. Bridges are down, roads are gone and people get nowhere, except in helicopter.





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Entered 2003-08-17