The Weekly Report Cornerstone

   WEEK 39 Sept 16th to 22nd 2002


   President Bush' recent speech to the United Nation main assembly:

   "The nation of Israel is the world's fourth most powerful military power. Only United States, Russia and China are more powerful. This means that they are bigger than major powers such as France, Great Britain, Australia, Canada, Brazil and India. It has amassed its might over many years. They have nuclear strike capability and for a long time shown a willingness to use any means at their disposal to strike at their neighbors and the world at large. They have kidnapped people from sovereign nations' soil. Various Israeli government and military representatives have over the years ignored or discarded countless UN resolutions about unconditional retreat from occupied territory, about callous treatment of people on occupied land and in general made a mockery of international law. They're representing an ongoing threat, a clear and present danger to the world at large.
   United States has, as of this moment cut off all diplomatic activity, all economic and political support, in regards to the state of Israel, and is hereby urging the United Nation's main assembly to issue an ultimatum to Israel and its representatives. They must, swiftly and unconditionally comply with UN resolutions. They must cease their reign of terror against the Palestinian population and select a new and appropriate government at the earliest possible date. Ariel Sharon must be brought before the international war criminal tribunal. There must be repatriation for damages and rebuilding of destroyed buildings. A number of wrongs must be corrected. If not, the world community will do it for them, using any means at its disposal. The honor and integrity of the United Nations are at stake. If Israel can get away with disregarding international law others will soon do the same. Ladies and gentlemen... one way or another, Israel's state terrorism will cease".





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Entered 2002-09-19