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   WEEK 47 Nov 10th to 16th 2003


   This was supposed to be last week's headline. A very funny (and sarcastic) piece of the general world-view held by today's current world leaders and the sheep believing their horseshit. I discovered that I just couldn't do it.
   So I left it and tried something else, and couldn't do that either. The funny ending of all this is that I found a cut and paste article that would fit, and it felt totally wrong.
   This has been brewing for quite some time.
   As of now I'm discontinuing the Weekly Report.
   There are several reasons for this. The foremost is that I've done this for six years, and during that time I have covered virtually every area of environmental and radical news. I won't remove all those news and these local links, of course. The archives and the rest will be here like a sort of limited encyclopedia. Information will always be needed, but no more added information is needed to know what is going on in the world today, what piece of shit society and civilization is, how detrimental it is to Life itself, how it destroys everything making life worth living. To continue this might give the impression that there is that need, and I won't contribute to that. In a more aware society, with more aware people and with truly free people millions of warriors would wage war against civilization and all its work, running wild in the streets, and all illusions would fall.
   Instead I have started a new site/page (true Current Events), where I will be publishing anything that might interest me of true current events. There might be three publications one week and then none during the next month. It has been distracting to have to put internal pressure on myself, so I won't...
   Structure is not my strong point and it never will be. Fortunately not. ;)
   I will keep up the mailing list, though with the same erratic pattern as described above.

   One Sherwood Forest 2003-11-21
   335th night 12058, in the third year in the time of the Twilight Storm







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