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   WEEK 46 Nov 3rd to 9th 2003


   They say they could feel the heat coming.
   21.8 degrees Celsius was measured in North Western Norway Thursday, north of the 60th latitude. That is 3.5 degree above what has been the November record-breaking temperature to this point.
   This comes in a year where heat has caused death all over the world, and storms has lined up outside both the North American west and east coast, where forest fires have raged all continents. Another unprecedented rise in a year filled of such, of disasters and anomalies.
   - This is the human-enhanced Global Warming expressing itself in yet another unprecedented force, a spokesman for the World's Meteorological Organization (WMO) says. - This and worse is what is about to become the ordinary. Unprecedented today. Quite likely tomorrow. The changes will grow more and more dramatic and numerous... and erratic, not the least that.
   First came the heat. Then came the storm. Two days of heat, and then the wind. And worry was written in people's faces. And they were right to worry. The storm came.
   It is said, by among others the Berlin Group of IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) that the Earth is merely warming up these days, that key cooling pollutants and natural barriers within the system have delayed the warming temporarily, and what we have seen so far is nothing compared to what is in store.
   It started in earnest in the early eighties with flowers supposed to sprout in April sprouting in January and even December. Now the facts are visible everywhere, in all areas of life. The Earth is ready for the big bout.







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Entered 2003-11-08