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   WEEK 25 June 9th to 15th 2003


   Another scientific investigation into the decline of semen quality of Danish males, ongoing since 2000 is confirming earlier results made both in Denmark and other European/Western countries: Near half of the population of Danish young males have so bad semen quality that they may experience serious problems fathering children.
   The survey is done by the National Hospital in Copenhagen (Rikshospitalet).
   In Norway, Sweden, Great Britain, United States and across the industrialized world the results are the same or worse. After the age of 35 the decline becomes even more pronounced, far worse than the process of aging should entail. A Paris survey from 1973 to 1992 showed an annual decline in sperm concentration of 2.1 percent. Another Danish team reported in 1992 a world wide annual decline of two percent the last 50 years.
   A similar, more far-reaching documentation surveying military service men in the Norwegian army since 1952 is showing a steady decline every decade, going from seven of ten healthy sperms to two of ten in 1992, when the survey was stopped by the military, because, according to military sources the survey "caused agitation and undue duress".
It has been shown that the massive influence of man made chemicals and what is termed environmental estrogens are responsible for major parts of the twentieth century and early twentyfirst century general decline in human health. Male alligators, other reptiles, animals and humans living close to specific chemical plants are born without penises, females with it. There is a long list of shocking developments.
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   The noose is tightening around the neck of United States President George W. Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair. Both are accused of deliberately lying about the existence of Iraq's weapons of mass destruction (WMD).
   United States Army Intelligence stated categorically, in a report long before the war that Iraq had no such weapons. This report Bush would have read as a matter of routine. The report used by Colin Powell in the UN, claimed to be based on a British MI6 intelligence report, the so-called "dodgy dossier" released in January was in fact based on a twelve-year old brief written by an American student. The man called Blair's "propaganda minister", Alastair Campbell was this weekend forced to publicly apologize for "tarnishing the reputation of British Intelligence" and also to writte a personal letter of apology to the leadership of MI6. This, too was well known well in advance of the war, but has to this moment been publicly denied. By George W. Bush, Colin Powell and a host of others high-ranking British and United States' officials.
   John Dean, former US President Richard Nixon's judicial adviser, and one of the men contributing to bringing him down claims that this "sordid affair" may be bigger, by far than the Watergate Scandal. Dean, in a lengthy article confronts claims made by Bush and his underlings in advance of the war. Claims that, at best have been shown to have very little credibility.
   Bush and others have been lying to the United States congress before been given authorization for the attack on Iraq. Tony Blair and others were lying to the British House of Commons before the attack. They have all been lying to the UN Security Council. An increasing number of people, even former associates are demanding an independent inquiry and public prosecution.
   A footnote: Three independent expert groups are stating that the technical equipment found in moving trucks used by the former Iraqi army have not in any way been used to transport or make biological, chemical or nuclear weapons. This has been seen as Bush and Blair's last crutch and hope for ever "finding" anything remotely related to WMD in Iraq.







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