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   WEEK 16 Apr 7th to 13th 2003


   There was a LOUD protest against the war in Iraq, in Croatia's capital Zagreb Friday. The protest was done under the slogan Noise Against War (NAW). The protesters marched through the central part of the city playing flutes, drums and horns. After the march they gathered before the American embassy with banners like OSAMA BUSH LADEN and BUTCHERS GO HOME.
   - There should be a LOT more noise concerning this travesty of a war, a protester stated. - We're just contributing in a minor way here, compared to what we hope will come.
   In Madrid, Spain on Sunday 500000 people protested against the war and demanded that the prime minister Jose Maria Aznar should resign because of his support for the war.

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(The War of) Information.

"We were controlled by the military and allowed ourselves to be.
An honorable few rebelled.
Most of us did what we were told".

    Maggie O'Kane


   Across the world 91 people are dead after being infected by the life threatening lung-disease SARS. That's ten more than yesterday. More than 2600 people are infected so far, and the number is rising rapidly. The disease spread from the China mainland, to Hong Kong and from there to Canada and the rest of the world. It causes massive respiratory problems and so far none of the traditional medicines or treatments are working against it.
   This is just one of several hard case diseases appearing out of nowhere the last twenty years.







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