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   WEEK 9 Feb 17th to 23rd 2003


   The sheep Dolly died in Scotland Friday. Dolly was famous... or notorious, for being the first cloned sheep. It was killed as a six year old, or put to sleep like someone is fond of saying by its owners, because it was suffering from a lung disease. This was one of many diseases Dolly was suffering from, that its "mother", its progenitor never suffered from.
   No scientist, not even its makers are denying that the fact that Dolly was a clone, was the reason she suffered from multiple diseases during her entire short life. This is one of many reasons why cloning is opposed on such a major level. The unnatural process of cloning creates sickly individuals, clearly inferior in terms of mental and physical health compared to the original. This is also true, to a degree with test tube babies, and many fears the long term damage to the human genome with such a practice, one being extended daily, both in numeric and geographic terms. Unnatural procreation leads to a humanity less capable of surviving.
   Many have come forth and claimed to have helped the first human baby being born through cloning recently. The proof of this is yet missing. But there is a general agreement that it is merely a matter of time before the first cloned human is born. The financial interests, and scientists wanting the prestige, all over the world will not let it go. Both human and animals clones are too useful to not create armies of them. There is talk about headless workers, taking orders from an electric signal, of artificial, organic wombs, human laboratory rats, and much, much more. In the future only the imagination will limit the use of clones.







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Entered 2003-02-17