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   WEEK 6 Jan 27th to February 2nd 2003


   A Swedish survey, by the Karolinska Institute concerning the use of cellular phones has concluded that more people get brain tumors on their "mobile side". The difference is as high as 40 percent. Once more evident research results are hidden on page 56 of media's attention. Cellular phones have been around just a few years, but the results of human death and suffering have increased beyond any perceived too dire predictions at the end of the previous millennium. The evidence has grown, both in terms of numbers and danger. Yet, the news of this seems to have virtually vanished from popular media, in a kind of progressive, inverted turn. The major producers quickly initiated major campaigns of lawsuits, bribes and veiled threats in the aftermath of the much publicized bad news in the middle nineties. Now, it seems more than likely that the power of might and money have been successful once again. There is very hard to trace, also on the Internet the critical voices so outspoken earlier. An international known expert, Dr. Mercola is recommending that everybody is following his practice of no more than five minutes use each year. He uses it for emergency situations only.
   What is happening, though, is that the use is increasing daily. It was predicted in 1995 that cell phone would supplant house phones by 2010, but it has already happened.
   During those same eight years the increase in brain tumors has been dramatic. There has been a number of artificial environmental factors contributing to various forms of recently discovered diseases since the middle 20th century. Spikes have followed spikes as another poison was introduced into human surroundings. Such a spike has also been very visible the last ten years. And the Karolinska Institute research saw a definite difference between the cell phone users and the control group, the not yet users.







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