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   WEEK 36 Aug 26th to September 1st 2002


   As the manmade Global Warming is causing ice to melt and the ocean level to rise the world over, as the world is either drowning in heat and drought or in floods, other, equally staggering and visible changes, are taking place.
   The flora and fauna are behaving in ever more erratic patterns. Growth seasons are extended with weeks. Animals are seen further north than ever before. Exotic fish are harvested from the sea. Birds are migrating far beyond their normal treks. In northern Europe and Canada wild and domestic plants have started on an unprecedented second harvesting period. There are plants that do that, but those in question have never displayed anything remotely like this before.
   Aside from the extended growth season there is the confusion. August in the north is usually the time nature is preparing for winter, where colors are changing and plants stop being fertile. Now we see an emerging pattern of hew flowering and fruits. Observing fruit trees has turned into a frustrating and confusing sight. Usually one species presents a somewhat unified front, but now they don't seem to agree what time of the year it is. Cherry trees have berries and flowers both. Apple trees are sporting apples, flower buds and fully emerged flowers simultaneously.
   If not humans seem to be absolutely certain something dramatic is happening, nature itself is showing us, beyond certainty that something is indeed horribly wrong.







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Entered 2002-08-26