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   WEEK 32 July 29th to August 4th 2002


   A policeman has confessed to the fact that he was part of an inner circle planting incinerating devices during the G8 protests in Genoa last year. They did it to "make the protesters look bad" and to "justify the police' harsh methods and treatment and murder of the protestors".
   The British newspaper, The Independent is running a detailed article about the various incidents today.
   In related articles relating clandestine meetings among key head police members and government officials details how the planting of bombs and weapons and discriminating material have been actively used as one of several tactics to "isolate and criminalize protesters" since before the unrest in Seattle a couple of years ago.
   The introduction of new laws is in effect criminalizing all dissent, "designed to change society". The actual wording was, after heavy criticism from among others civil liberty groups, removed from the final texts, but the actual spirit of the "proposals" was not changed.
   CIA and other secret "services" are also continuing their efforts into developing drugs designed to control both protesters and the general population both off and on "times of unrest". Included in this are also behavior control techniques in development at least since the sixties.
   - This is a worsening of a trend we've seen for years, way before September 11th, a civil liberty representative is saying. - The tyrants are getting desperate and even hungrier for power. They are slowly fastening the grip, and most people are buying it, blaming the protestors, when these protesters are, in fact fighting for rights included in most constitutions, disregarded as, at best unimportant by most.







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Entered 2002-07-31