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   WEEK 19 April 29th to May 5th 2002


   An army of Berlin policemen brutally attacked protestors in several German cities during today's May 1. demonstrations. Clad in heavy armor and armed with guns and water cannons they walked straight through rows of people, beating them with clubs and kicking them while they lay helplessly on the ground.
   In Prenzlauer Berg in Berlin where people had gathered around a campfire, the attacks were particularly vicious. The highest number of injuries happened here.
   - We weren't doing much, a protester says. - We gathered around a fire, like human beings have done for millions of years. We wanted the streets... we wanted Life to reclaim the city for at least a short while. The tyrants' servants attacked us almost instantly, like they had been waiting for an excuse. It's becoming fairly obvious by now that the time for peaceful protest is long gone.
   Angry protesters did strike back in several places, making at least some of the uniformed thugs pay for their crimes.
   60 policemen were injured. The number of injured protesters (and random, passing onlookers) is somewhere in the higher three figures.




   2 millions of the world's human population die each year because of their work. They die of injuries caused by straight out dangerous working conditions. By faulty machinery, by bad security measures, killing them instantly, or by being poisoned, short term or long term by mostly artificial, human created chemicals. The results of the poisoning vary. Sometimes it is just rashes on the skin or a chronically inclined coughing. A common factor here is that it is killing a person slowly, over months and years. Or it might happen during a span of merely weeks. The factory owners bring in foreign labor in a given country, making them work until they drop, and afterwards they disappear without a trace. The international slave trading, both as work force and as sexual objects, is increasing all over the world.
   Some people is generally claiming that labor is slavery, that there is no distinction between wage-slavery and the "real" thing, that the claim the supporters of the present day society that labor is an exchange for money, is just another convenient illusion.
   ILO (the international labor organization) and other, smaller agencies published this set of reports recently, without it causing any sort of major attention. It seems like the mainstream media is inoculated against doing a major exposť on this sort of "incidents".





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Entered 2002-05-02