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   WEEK 10 February 26th to March 4th


   As the dangers of modern food production continue to escalate beyond even previously worst fears, more and more people are asking themselves: Where will it end?
   Cow disease and its human equivalent Creutzfelt-Jacobs are marching on. The foot-and-mouth outbreak is paralyzing the British society. As the numbers of infected farms and animals are rising, travel is restricted and ever more sport-events are called off. GM (genetic modification) in food and elsewhere has long since made its initial damage around the world.
   The long criticized industrial production of food, where only the profit counts has escalated along a geometric scale lately. The disadvantages are becoming apparent. So it's essential now, more than ever, to keep asking the more than ever relevant questions: Why do we have industrial food production? Why isn't anything being done about it? Why isn't it stopped cold? What about the escalating pollution? Why do we have pollution? What is being done about it?
   A government official, when asked the perilous questions immediately went evasive.
   - We're taking every possible precaution, he stated.
   - But isn't it clear by now that your "precautions" are at best… ineffectual? He was asked.- Isn't it about time you're taking a good, hard look at the foundations, the underlying reasons for the increasingly disastrous results of modern society as a whole?
   - The situation may be dire for the time being, he replied,- but there is certainly no need for panic, for far out interpretations of isolated incidents.
   And thus the interview ended, as must interviews do… unsatisfactory.

   The insanity of genetic "modification"







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Entered 2001-03-01