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   by Amos Keppler

   Modern human existence is strangling life, even human life. This is nothing new and has been "accepted" for some time.
   There is no lack of information anymore. Anyone can get the basics with a little effort. But the tailspin suicide run continues.
   And very few seem to truly get it, even though everyone is "getting it" wherever they go, many times a day.
   From early in its life a human is force-fed, forced into an extremely narrow interpretation of Life, forced on it by increasingly oppressive private and public governments. An individual protesting this inhuman treatment is dealt with, with ever harder and ever more efficient measures. Individual freedom, it is said is sacrificed for the greater good. Humanity in general, however is suffering from an increasing number of artificial chemicals, of poisons present in our daily life, brought on them by corporations and legislators. Psychological damage is equally inflicted upon people. Creativity is reduced, steered into acceptable parameters. Just by existing in present day society a human being is reduced to a shell of a human being. Today we're all dying just by living. Fear is the key. Under the threat of incarceration, or violence or quite simply economical poverty most people are coved into submission. What the current world encompassing dictatorship has managed, that earlier oppressive government haven't is basically to convince people, to brainwash them into believing we're living in a just and free society, and even coercing them into actively participating in their own incarceration.
   The current society is, in short killing everything making Life worth Living.
   From early on, brainwashed parents are actively taking part in their children's brainwashing. Kindergarten, school and various media are, after a certain point continuing this horrible education. As an adult, after perhaps a few years of rebelling the process is nearly ended. A few years of employment take care of the remaining rough edges. You are now a full-fledged valuable member of society with the right to be fooled and screwed daily. Other rights may or may not exist on paper, but in real life they are practically non-existing. They are just words, slight of hand distracting you from seeing through the illusion. We are all looking at the stage where the illusion is made, the web is being weaved, forgetting a real world exists outside the theater.
   What we're turned into are basically mindless drones. If there are any independent thought or action at all it is usually used to further civilization's insane march, not to seriously question it. And from questioning it, to something akin to true, violent rebellion there is a long, long stretch.
   Yes, the Earth is slowly being covered by concrete, steel, glass and plastic, and that is what is happening with the human body, mind and spirit as well, both literally and figuratively, metaphorically speaking.
   So, it seems increasingly clear what "the greater good" truly is. It is The Machine. Everything else becomes redundant.
   Life is being destroyed, is being killed wholesale and bit-by-bit, until nothing remains but The Machine and its drones.

   "(For reasons of state) black becomes white and white becomes black. The horrible becomes the humane and the most dastardly felonies and atrocious crimes become meritorious acts".

   Church and State
   Michael Bakunin 1871

   Amos Keppler has written and published the novel ShadowWalk ISBN 82-91693-02-1 http://midnight-fire.net/sw - one of the most controversial ever.




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One of the most controversial novels ever published.