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   Editorial by Amos Keppler

   Seattle: Protesters are harassed, attacked, beaten and kicked by the police. The police officers in question receive medals and honors in the days and weeks to come.
   Gothenburg: Several strange police actions in the days before the EU-summit are "directing attention towards bombers and troublemakers". Protesters are harassed, attacked, beaten, kicked and shot by the police. Random incarceration and deportation are used in major ways. Those arrested are spit on and beaten by citizens of the proud city of Gothenburg and insults and angry words are shouted at them: "Fucking shitheads, you come here and destroy our beautiful city". The police officers are given medals and praise from authorities: "We have every reason to be proud of our devoted police corps".
   Genoa: The inner city is hermetically sealed off. Protesters are harassed, attacked, beaten, kicked and shot by the police. The officers are given medals and honors.
   This as a minor introduction, a selection of today's reality.


   This and similar headlines are likely to dominate national and international media after protests where protesters have been attacked by the police and generally have been kept from exercising their constitutional rights to express themselves. Minor groups of protesters are supposed to have attacked groups of numerous well-trained police officers clad in body armor armed with clubs, shields and guns. Police officers can shoot unarmed people and he or she who are shot is blamed for standing in the bullet's path.
   And people in general are buying it hook, line and sinker. Confidence in the police as one of the professions enjoying the highest regard and believability in any given national or international population is stable around 90 percent. This is true for most countries across the world. This is made possible because people are closing their eyes to their own stupidity. They let themselves by fooled, let themselves be willingly misled by the tyrants.
   Insane to the max...
   In general: Many things are turned upside down in today's world.
   One major reason why this is, is that we're born into an aye-world, and early transformed from human beings with free will to tape recorders with eager smiles passively repeating others' words and actions. It starts early, as early as in the cradle and with the parents, but it starts in earnest when the child is enrolled in the local school. Pupils, students willingly submitting themselves to authority, licking the teachers' feet (and arse) are rewarded, they who as adults become as equal to the previous generation as humanly possible, they who once again becomes teachers and models, icons for the next generation. And so it goes, and the horror continues, self-perpetuating.
   Media is the fourth, supporting estate, not the corrective watchdog the myth is telling us. Its task, its mission is to support all the injustice being executed by the other estates. Joseph Goebbels would have been proud of his descendents in today's media if he could have witnessed the skill in which they're manipulating their outlet. There isn't a matter of not reporting... unfortunate incidents, but to describe them as singular cases, or as something rare in today's world. They are not the norm. They are not a result of a sick society, but just sick aberrations in a generally healthy society, the best possible, a result of correct thinking through generations, a linear interpretation of history saying that everything becomes better the closer we come to the present. Lies become truths. Truth is buried in heaps of garbage and poison.
   Obedience towards public and private authorities is generally presented as being responsible, as the responsible way to behave. And if one insists on being disobedient one must follow strict guidelines. Laws and rules are made by the rich and powerful, to benefit the rich and the powerful, against those who have little or nothing. Possession is nine tenth of the law. And people accept this, as good sheep, as good tape recorders. Very few are questioning the basics, questioning the right of any given set of government or its eager representatives' have to decide the fate of people or groups of people, to decide the fate of every single human being on the planet, to condemn us to slow, collective suicide.
   So, when someone is doing something, when questions are asked, when they're working against and also are defending themselves from attacks from establishment's thugs, from the power's willing and eager tools public rage is directed at them. The brainwashing we have suffered, the automatic function we have been taught since the cradle are implemented. The public and private condemnation is directed at those who dare step outside the given, tight parameters. The might is tightening its grip around its willing and eager servants, while nothing significant is done with what is obviously wrong. On the contrary. The grip is tightening. Surveillance and oppression in all segments of society are increased. Most people are supporting it, if they have any opinion at all. The percentage of people, whom under a desperate wish for safety are supporting surveillance in public rooms and also private homes, is increasing. Laws implemented in ever more countries are making it a crime to do anything that can be interpreted as an attempt to change society.
   We sleep a sleep of reason, procreating monsters.
   This obvious development was well under way long before September 11th 2001. But it is one of several incidents used as pretext to speed up the process. An increasing number of people is imprisoned in a dark, dank dungeon without cause and the slightest justice, if anything like that has ever truly existed. What was true before is even truer, now. We live in the best possible society. You may disagree, but watch out, or we come and get ya. It might happen publicly, using the well-proven scaffold method or you might end up in a dark, dank (or padded) cell, either in a hospital or a more visible, obvious "ordinary" prison. "Insanity" has been used as pretext to get rid of dissidents at the very least since the days of the Roman Empire. Kafka's description of The Process was current long before he wrote about it. The judgment is not the actual verdict, but the process. Long before they're actually chopping of the poor bugger's head or burn he or she at the stake the person in question is reduced to a shivering wreck where no spirit or will to live remains. Everything is once more great in the world and eager servants and spectators are applauding. They can relax in their deep chairs and keep repeating their mantra of living in a just society, and that everything is well with the world.
   Escapism has always been taken as a sign of bad psychic health. It's almost funny. The world is truly a comedy to those who think, and a tragedy to those with emotions. There are ever fewer of those.
   The behavior sciences are developing nicely. It is spoken increasingly often about a future society without crime or/and the "criminal element". Human aggression leads to all the suffering, it is claimed. Only in minor ways there are anyone speculating in the reasons for all the random violence. And a world society that for centuries has given itself a singular right to violence is getting increasingly better in doing so.
   In ever more forceful language it is spoken about the need to eradicate human aggressive behavior, also among those who call themselves radicals, but who is more or less cooperating with authorities and make police officers smile after "protests", even though this inner and outer rage, this ever present wrath, directed at an thoroughly unjust world quite obvious is what is giving rebels and free Human Beings the Will they need to fight on. There is talk about starting early (as if they're not already doing so), about picking children with "violent, criminal tendencies" before they start on their "unfortunate" path. They will probably be sent off to special schools. Don't forget that even in a crimeless society, in a future Utopia there will be a need for a police force dealing with unsatisfied elements.
   And most people stand on the sidelines, applauding.
   And spit and raise their fist at the witch on the way to the stake.
   Fucked up insane.

   "(For reasons of state) black becomes white and white becomes black. The horrible becomes the humane and the most dastardly felonies and atrocious crimes become meritorious acts".

   Church and State
   Michael Bakunin 1871

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