The Weekly Report Cornerstone


   by Henry O'Mad

   Do you hate having to go through the motions of everyday life?
   Do you spend your working life subject to the will of others?
   Does your body ache for fullfillment?
   Does your soul cry out for freedom?

   Wild means self-willed.

   The living death that is industrial civilisation has you in its grasp.

   Mortgage means "death-grip".
   The word 'capital' has the same root as 'cattle' and 'chattel' (slave).
   The word 'rent' means a breach of relations between people.
   The latin word for labour means 'suffering'.
   From "tripalium", an ancient instrument of torture, comes the word 'travail'.

   Most people are aware of how when the invaders descended on these islands, they turned the gods into devils; how wildness in the [already distorted] shape of Pan became feared in the shape of Satan. Most of us don't realise how, along with this lie, another equally dangerous misconception was forced upon us. The word "civilisation", which merely means living in cities (or originally city-states), has come to mean just about everything good.

   Every day we give our freedom to the new god, Mammon. Just as the old gods have faded and are dying, so this new god is gaining strength at an ever increasing rate. It's control over our lives is almost total, as we repress our gut feelings and give way to 'rationality' - the opposite of emotions and feelings. We deny the wild in us, and make ourselves ill.

   Industrial civilisation is the greatest threat humanity has ever faced. It is the enemy within, are you up to the challenge, or will you just be part of an insignificant mistake in the story of life's unfolding? The choice is yours. If you want to fight, the first step is to throw off the mental chains that surround you.

   Only after we have done this can the path become clear. Only when we have rid ourselves of the illusion that there is anything to be gained from this sick system can we rid ourselves of it. Then we can think freely and find a better world.

   Wild nature must be the fundamental of this new rhythm of human life. We are it and we can not live without it. When this is scientifically provable there will be no-one left to observe it.



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   Ongoing Transformation and Metamorphosis started.
FIRST WAVE: 2000-12-08, 352. Night 12055 by the end of the year of The Abyss.

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