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A small sample from the year 2000.

The Weekly Report Cornerstone

   WEEK 12 March 6th to 12th


   In a an interview survey on subjects randomly selected from around the world, concerning the changes in climate and the environment in general, unemployed former executive John Allan Prescott currently residing in the city of Mexico, west of St. Louis, Missouri, USA, has this to say:
   He's sick, angry, sick to the bone.
   - We're sick all the time these days. I can very faint recall a time when we were not. When we were not nauseous and didn't have cramps and didn't cough and everything... We, the wife and kids and me, moved away from a factory in California where we knew positively there had been a spill. But now we've finally been able to confirm that there has been one here, too, that there has been several, that the local industrial production facility is routinely releasing industrial waste. It's been kept secret for many years, but now it's all out in the open. There has always been rumors, as it is most places, but we have to live somewhere, right...
   Prescott is currently hospitalized and have trouble getting the insurance company to admit to his claim to aid him and the family economically and otherwise, in their restitution and recovery. Hospital bills and cost of living are skyrocketing, and without full compensation and repatriation, the family is facing a bleak future indeed.
   Other people, in the area, lacking health insurance, are facing an even darker future, and have, barring government intervention, no hope at all. A spokesman for the Environmental Protection Agency says in a comment that "unfortunately this situation is presently repeated in quite a few areas in the entire US. Barring a major flux in funding, we can offer no major help to the victims or be very effective of keeping this situation from arising in the future".

   WEEK 13 March 13th to March 19th


   Recent European, American and Australian studies are showing a steady rise in Diabetes cases all over the world. Most pronounced in developed countries, both also clear in the third world. Most pronounced among younger children, but also clear in older children and adults. The rise among children younger than two years old, is especially alarming, according to participating researchers. The studies on Diabetes are consistent with studies on other lifestyle - dependent or lifestyle - enhanced diseases lately. Lifestyle in this case meaning environmental based or originated. Diseases increasingly traceable to general pollution and food "preservatives". The reports vary slightly, but both single-handedly and collectively, they leave little doubt that modern life, with ever more pronounced influence of chemicals and added radioactivity, are slowly dismantling our immune defense system. We're growing less capable of withstanding various diseases and more dependent on medicine, which in turn, make us even less capable of withstanding diseases.
   The "tendency" was first spotted around 1960, a few years after the first nuclear power plants and the chemical industry started up in earnest. Since then, its progression has been beyond anyone's fear

   WEEK 15 March 27th to April 2nd


   The percentage of miscarriages in a number of European and developed nations, have now reached nearly 20. This concerns any given woman's first child. For an eventual second child the changes of miscarriage is increased to 25 percent.
   The really worrying aspect of this, is that the increase is happening in developed countries, with thorough health care systems and a population seen as generally healthy.
   But this view, as recent research is showing, could be false. A number of developments lately, are more than suggesting that both mentally and physically, people in developed nations, are not much better off than the rest of the world. In some cases worse off. This in spite of hunger, poverty and strife in Africa, Asia and South America. The emerging picture is that the more technological advanced a given place may be, the more ill and frail are the inhabitants. Massive use, and increase in the use, of medicine the last 50 years has hidden this fact until recently, where drugs have been shown to lose their potency as "wonder medicine" and indeed been revealed to cause a substantial amount of the problems.


   You might think pollution is the biggest threat to our health? You may be right. But an increasing number of other factors, are competing about the runner up position.
   Modern tomatoes are usually grown in a mineral rich solution, where the 20 minerals seen as most important to the health, are present. As is the method of much grown food today.
   This has been the claim of the industry at this point, anyway.
   According to a growing number of researchers, however, this truth may, at best, be a very ambiguous one.
   - Even if their claim is the truth, we may be in serious trouble in the long run. The number of twenty or the equivalent in other growths, are shown increasingly to evidently be quite a random decision and nothing to be bragging about. Tests have shown that tomatoes grown in "completely natural soil", have a mineral count of several hundred. And even if there was a possibly good reason (at the time), to assume that the 20, being used at present, in the mineral solution, are among the most important, there is simply no way we can be certain of this. There's no way we can recreate the factor or number of factors, present in nature, in a laboratory. What we can say at this point, is that lack of essential trace minerals in modern diets, is causing an ever growing number of deficiency diseases throughout the world, especially where consummation of artificial food products is most prevalent.
   - And there's no relief in sight. The new, incoming ways of producing food, like "Genetic Modification", are quite evidently another step in the wrong direction. Ironically laboratory tests, do show that the more removed from nature, life is, the more unhealthy it becomes. Most tests are done in labs controlled by multinational corporations, though, and are only being made available to the public by "disgruntled, former employees", particularly on the Internet. Public research is also, increasingly so, funded by corporations or corporation controlled institutions.    The interview is ending with a heartfelt statement.
   - It doesn't look good. Not good at all!

   WEEK 18 April 17th to 23rd


   According to a new UN Report, to be published in its entirety in September, The Earth's Ecological systems are breaking down in an alarming rate, and will collapse if modern day human society continues on its present course. 175 scientists from all over the world, who have worked on the report during the last two years, are not drawing a pretty picture.
   The situation has worsened in major ways the last few years. Half of the forests are gone. Two thirds of agriculture land is inpowerished. 70 percent of the fishing banks are taxed beyond sustainable levels. The Earth's capacity to sustain any sort of lifeform is severely damaged. Humans have always moved on to the next area when one is unsustainable. This is no longer possible. If drastic measures are not taken, small and major ecosystem's are facing a slow, inevitable collapse.

   WEEK 20 May 1st to 7th


   What has been evident for some time, has now been confirmed.
   The Polar Bear is threatened by extinction. And not really because of hunting and capture, by humans, but in a way that has clearly a direct and clear significance to us, too. The Polar Bear is threatened by human society and its garbage. Norwegian and Canadian scientists have found that the bears are carrying so much pollution in their body, that the entire species are threatened by extinction. Pollution, poison is carried to the arctic by the sea and the wind, and is weakening both the ability to reproduce and the body's immune defense system.
   The fact that pollution in such a quantity could reach polar regions, was until recently seen as unlikely. The world's wilderness and remote areas, was seen as the last refuge for people who wanted a clean environment. The atmosphere, the very surface and seas of the Earth, may quite possibly be reaching an "over the top - effect" of contamination, distributing pollution equally to all corners of the planet, making it impossible to avoid. It is said that the globe has become so "small", so cramped, that there are no more places to hide. Not from crowds, nor poison.
   The scientists have tranquilized 30 animals and both a wide array of poisons, among them PCB, thousands and thousands of kilometers from where the compounds were produced. The members of the team are in agreement that these finding have a major impact on life on the planet in general, including human life. There is no significant difference between Polar bears and other mammals. Body processes and physiology are the same, the way compounds find their way into the organism, is the same. The havoc the intrusion is causing in the body is fundamentally equal.
   We're all Polar Bears, waiting for the poison to make its mark.

   WEEK 22 May 15th to 21st


   A German laboratory, doing tests on diapers, have found environmental poisons in several brands, including Pampers, one of the most sold products on the market. Among a cocktail of poisons they've found tributyltin (TBT)
   - This is nothing new, the scientists are categorically stating.- All newborn life has already, even before birth, through their mother, been poisoned by a high number of human made compounds. This process is accelerating shortly after the departure from the womb. By the time we're fully grown we've been in contact with millions of different damaging and lethal chemicals, most of them artificially created and manmade the last 50 years.
   The various producers are denying that the poisons are present in sufficient quantities to do harm, and are refusing to pull their brands from the market or start making non poisonous products.

   WEEK 23 May 22nd to 28th


   Asbestos is found in color pencils for children in both USA and Europe. Tests of the most sold brands are showing that the cancer inducing compound is present in about 40 percent of the products.
   Asbestos is one of the most dangerous industrial products ever. There were early reports, as early as the sixties about its inherent dangers, but they were ignored and silenced by the industry. Today it's forbidden in many countries, but the various corporations continue to use it in countries where it's not... and also, as is now once more proven, in countries where it's illegal.

   WEEK 37 Aug 28th to September 3rd


   1300 Norwegians die each year because they come into contact with chemicals at work. In a thinly populated country like Norway, this is a high number indeed. The numbers are pulled form an analysis made by the Norwegian workers protection agency. This is stated in a new, sensational report from the agency. An analysis meant to aid in the development of a new set of regulations concerning use of chemicals.
   Additionally there are 300 deaths caused by asbestos alone. There has been a ban on the use of asbestos for years, but the remains of its former use, are still found everywhere. There is now concern if other and also newly introduced chemicals will be shown to have similar, devastating effects 20 years hence. In addition to the pronounced effects already discovered.

   WEEK 40 Sept 18th to 24th


   Farmers and gardeners are more often victims of Parkinson's disease than the general population, a Danish survey is revealing. 32 percent more farmers and gardeners are suffering from the disease, compared to other professions.
   A researcher specializing in working environments says to the Danish public broadcasting company (Danmarks Radio), that it's highly likely that the use of pesticides and herbicides is increasing the possibility of developing Parkinson's disease.
   The Speaker in the Danish parliament for environmental issues says that this must have consequences for the use of pesticides and herbicides both in agriculture and in general.
   It's pointed out, however, by critical voices, that politicians are often saying this, that they are often heard of uttering such and similar statements, without anything decisive actually being done.

   WEEK 44 Oct 16th to 22nd 2000


   The breeding ability and immune defense system is seriously damaged in life, both animals and humans, in the northern area of the planet. Pollution has now spread to every corner of the globe and is now, among other places, accumulating in the arctic. Preliminary reports are no being gathered from many research facilities and a new, extensive cooperative research-effort is being prepared.
   During the last few years several worrisome developments have emerged and been tracked by the various institutes. The emerging picture is of a society and a population saturated by pollutants. Every year since 1940, 1000 new industrial chemicals have been introduced to the environment and human body. There is general consensus that this can't be healthy. Camping within a chemical laboratory seldom is. We've seen how animals are affected and have fooled ourselves into believing that we're not animals, that we're not affected like they are. The illusion is about to break like an eggshell.
   - Pollution of exceptionally high concentrations is being measured, Jon Oivind Odland by the university of Tromsoe says.

   WEEK 46 Oct 30th to November 5th


   An English survey shows that there is a direct connection between use of brassiere and clinical breast pains, cancer and other serious breast problems. In a study to be published by BBC this week it is shown that women using brassieres are running a higher risk of breast pains and even cancer. To medical experts, professor in surgery Robert Mansell and surgeon Simon Cawthorn, have proven the connection between breast holders and clinical breast pains, something 40 percent of British women is suffering from.
   In the study 100 women, suffering from frequent pain and cysts, was told to not use brassieres for three months, and then to use it once more for three months afterwards. The women not using brassieres experienced a seven percent reduction in days of pain.
   The reason for the pain and dangers are that brassieres are hampering the lymphatic system cleaning the body of poisons, causing the poisons to accumulate in the breast tissue.
   Seven percent of British women are suffering from cysts, most of them using a bra.

   WEEK 49 Nov 20th to 26th 2000


   The number of children born with deformities in the Grenland area in the county of Telemark, Norway, is twice as high compared to the rest of Norway the last ten years a survey from the national medical register is showing. The number is rising all over the country, but in the cities of Skien, Bamble and Porsgrunn the increase is three times higher than the last ten-year period, the local newspaper Telemarksavisen is writing.
   The Grenland area has a lot of heavy industry and polluting factories, as it has had for decades.


   The environmental poison Dioxin, a prominent by-product of industrial production, is far more dangerous than previously assessed, according to American scientists. Dioxin, a so-called environmental estrogen, is changing and disrupting the hormone-balance in organisms. The American research is stating categorically that it is a relation between exposure to Dioxin and several forms of diseases, among them cancer. The Grenland area in question has among the highest concentrations of Dioxin releases to air in Norway.


   Lack of funding, 15 million Norwegian Kroner (about 1 million British pounds) for a start, is preventing the Norwegian national bureau of public health (Folkehelsa) from doing research on the connection between industrial releases, and lack of health. The bureau wants to make 100000 pregnant women part of their investigation and to follow them and their children in three years.
   The major spike in the number of deformities in the Grenland area is also almost as bad in other areas with heavy industry, like in Mo I Rana, a small industrial "village" further north.





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