The Long Walk

I can sense my mirrors walk beside me on the road.
They walk the same direction, but not the same path.

Each person is potentially many...


I, in my infinite modesty and wisdom, am going to explain life to you now...

Life, in all its myriad of variations, is really quite simple.

We are born. We walk The Long Walk.

A fog of gray. A fog of infinite color. They're both there, all of them.



Voice of Forever


Voice of Forever

There is no beginning, no end. There are points where journeys may seem to begin and end. A wall, a velvet veil, may look like an ending, too. There are always something more on the other side. Crescent moon waxes, drunken moon wanes, and sober up again. ;)

The Walk continues.

Picture a road not a road, covered by fog not fog. The sight of it is crystal clear, through your eye, your third eye. Behind, before you, it stretches on forever...

It may be forest, sea or desert, a mountain, a valley. The path is there, by our feet, by our eye. Through the ages, through the seconds. A Crimson Tide, a Twilight Storm, reaching out, as we reach out for it. Inside, outside, along a crocked line.

There are many stops and turns and end stations. The Walk continues. The blood flows, the flow stops, the blood flows anew. Through an infinite cycle, cycle upon cycle, we face ourselves in the cracked mirror. Deep in the ashes of our fire, we give birth to ourselves.



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The Crimson Tide

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