Janus is the keeper of the gate to the Hidden World,
a many-faced Beast. She has many names.
She is The Raven, a bird roaming the twilight,
floating on the silver rays of the moon. She is Moonstar.
She is Destiny.The moon is many things, but not oppression.

Dream and you shall know her.
Be awake and you will know her


   Anubis is the dweller in the tomb,
he is the Fenris guarding the gates of hell,
In the hot, dry desert, in the icy cold kingdom of the north.
Find Death and you will find him.


   Samhain's is a kingdom of Death.
Every year at All Soul's Night he is calling out to the condemned,
gathering them in his cave,
his cave of blood and fire, mist and Shadow


   Delphi is the oracle.
She sees things known, and things unknown.
There is nothing hidden from her prying eyes.
Time and Shadow are flowing through her.


   Phoenix is the resurrection force.
leaving only ashes.
The last hope when only ashes remain...
Leaving only Fire.


   The table is set no longer.
Everything is new and fresh,
like it once was.


   It started with lust for Freedom. It moved from there in new and unforeseen directions.
   We pull out what's inside, in a time where almost all humans have forgotten how to be Human. We walk the shadows. We accept our Shadow, our Life...
   We are what you once were. What you one day will be again.
   We have been with you from the very beginning. You have hated us, worshipped us, feared us, yes, even been nothing more, nothing less than our enemy, our friend. We are the adversary. We are mankind.
   We are you.
   Walk with us and set yourself free.



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