Once, long ago, humans subconsciously, consciously created a world beyond the physical,
beyond what may be touched, but not beyond what may be experienced...






   There are many portals to this world. There are no portals. They may be found on a foggy hill, inside an old castle ruin or after the climbing of a mountain... or in the deepest recesses of the human consciousness.
   There is no other world, only this one, one single world encompassing all human experience. And Beyond.
   Far beyond.
   The Other World has many names: Heaven, Hell, Avalon, Fairie, Valhalla, Hel, The Kingdom of Death, Elysyum, The Land of Summer Twilight... and a thousand more. What is beyond any description has, through mists of time and shadow been given many. It's a place we go to when we dream... and not dream. It's ever between worlds and will forever be those worlds, our center, our Far Lands.










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