Linsey Kendall was born the morning of the sixth of June 1955 in Trinidad, Colorado. A true child of the sixties he joined the alternative movement in his teens. At the age of nineteen he was an elected representative to the 1974 protests in Washington DC against the Vietnam War. In the wake of the war's end he joined the Democratic Party, somewhat renewed and radicalized after Richard Nixon's forced resignation. A bright future was predicted for the young man, but he left after just a short time, stating "major political differences". Instead he formed the rock group Mystic, eventually one of the most influential forces in music history. After a few years on the road without any recognition or breakthrough their popularity went through the roof in the eighties, as a clear alternative to the emerging, braindead "glamour-rock". The private and public life of Mystic were at least as stormy as any major rock group, but except for a few major upheavals they stayed together and most of them participated in the formation of Phoenix Green Earth in late 1988. In a time where being political was considered outdated they kept at it, being political beyond anything before seen, a trend only increasing during the nineties, where environmental concerns kicked into overdrive. Linsey married Betty Morgan, a fellow early Phoenix' member in 1987. Their daughter Lydia was born the year after. Very proper and ridiculous, they're fond of saying.
   Their marriage has always been rocky and stormy, to say the least. But they have kept together off an on through the years, even when Stacy Larkin joined the "family" in 2006. There are whispers about private and public orgies, none of it ever denied.
   Linsey Kendall's life is filled with controversy and scandals.




   Anton Berkowitz was a very young man when graduating with honors from Harvard University. Before that and from then on, he has been a force in the development and understanding of both modern psychiatry and psychology, of how the human brain is working. There was many opportunities waiting for young Anton, but what he decided to focus on was the relatively new, epoch-making field of behavior studies. In his first, tentative years his work clearly broke new ground in the important studies of subversive and violent behavior and the reasons for the upheavals haunting us all in spite of everything good happening in our modern society. Everybody agrees. His pioneering venture into the dark vestiges of the human psyche has helped a lot of people who otherwise would have been lost as productive members of our society.
   - I know I have my critics, he says proudly. - There are those who will always choose the easy path in life, the path of least resistance, but people need help out there, damn it, and nothing gets done by sticking to the high and mighty guidelines general medicine has chosen. We have made tremendous progress in helping and integrating in society the people others in the profession have deemed irrevocably lost. In my mind I picture a future society without crime, without strife, the unrest that is so troubling today. It is possible. We can make it happen.
   In recent years Berkowitz has focused on continuing his ground-breaking work in a quiet, productive way, teaching the young at Northfield College, Massachusetts, and also doing lecturing tours on what he describes as "quack science", the growing interest within the scientific community concerning supernatural phenomena.
   What others have described as his recent years' "fall from grace", is not diminishing Anton Berkowitz' contribution to the growing welfare of mankind.




   150. Edition (excerpt).

      We, the citizens of Northfield, are, rightfully so, proud of our history. Our forefathers were among the pilgrims making the dangerous, fateful voyage with the "Mayflower". They were first in the line of refugees escaping from persecution and poverty in Europe, seeking freedom in the new world. In 1630 they participated in the founding of Boston. And just a few years after that they set out once more towards unspoiled land. They founded Northfield and brought the word of God to the heathens. The Alui tribes were taught proper ways of living and many of their number left their sinful ways. The priest leading on in this important work was a forefather to our own, treasured priest, Joseph Parnell.
   We took our deserved place in the America slowly emerging from barbaric origins. We were free to practice our religion and to keep certain undesirables away, as we're still doing. There are always the faithless, both individuals and groups, who through thoughts and actions, desire to diminish the dreams of the first Americans. We must ever be on guard against the godless.
   There has always been mutual respect and good connections between our city and our bigger neighbor, Boston. From both our modest beginnings to this day.
   During the war for independence we did more than our share. We took many refugees from Boston into our homes. To honor our way of life that no one can influence or change. And on that account we've also contributed heavily to converting non-believers, by sending missionaries all over the world. The mandatory school - prayer have never been removed from our schools. Our children are taught to be good, God-fearing Americans. During the Civil War we showed people in The South proper behavior. Since then no major groups have instigated rebellion in our beautiful country. One of our forefathers, Scott Thompson, belonged to the Abolitionist faction and was a very prominent member. Later he became an even more prominent man, both here in the North East, and in the country as a whole. His statue is raised in front of our city hall. A memorial to honor one of the city's great sons.
   Our town is small, but not insignificant. We've done more than our share throughout American history. We've participated actively in the struggle for freedom and democracy all over the world. During the Vietnam War we made sure that there were no dodgers from our town. In this city no one was allowed to throw dirt on our values and our faith. Though we're showing our open minds and generosity by welcoming many students from many faiths on our international school. The average grades achieved by graduate students are well above those of the national average. We're rightly proud of our teaching methods. They work and they're old and their quality is well proven.
   Strangers have moved here and done well for themselves. Some may be a bit eccentric to our taste, but we accept them. People in this town are allowed a little leverage.
   Our city is growing, with an ever more cosmopolitan character. Out of our glorious past will grow an even more glorious future. To the east Boston is awaiting us, waiting for us to join the rest of the region in a future Metropolis. It's the ultimate fate of humankind to subjugate the Earth and all its treasures. We've received the World Garden as a gift from the Creator and eventually nothing will stand in our way.
   We've found our niche in Boston's manufacture industry. Our entire industry, agriculture and trade are well adapted to the Boston market. We're producing paper to the printing processes there and even if we can't guarantee what our paper are used to, we know that none of the godless, radical writings originate with us. We're spreading our righteous influence throughout the world, leading to ever more people recognizing the one, true faith. God stands above humanity, as we stand above the animals and nature.












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