Rave reviews (or not)
   of Amos Keppler's ShadowWalk
   Or: - a representative selection...


   A satisfied reader:

   "Before I read ShadowWalk I thought the advertising was overblown to say it was "one of the most controversial novels ever written". Then I read it and found that to just be fact".



   "ShadowWalk is a powerful tale of magick and empowerment which manages not to sound like a mind-body-spirit-self-obsessed-hippie book. This is full-on reality. Blood and sweat and shit - nothing's toned down or dulled. The intensity of life comes through strong and meaty. Real life bursting off the pages".

   Review in Green Anarchist (the original and best) No. 68/69 Summer 2003.


   And another:

   "SW may break all the rules of novel writing, but it works.
   And it makes sense if you aren't too brainwashed to understand and experience it. I never found it jumpy or disjointed. And I believe that it flows quite nicely and seems effortlessly elegant in the way it works.
   When a stream flows around rocks in a very not straight line, we still find it beautiful. It will be full of back eddies and undercurrents and twist and turns. But it is still flowing. It is making sense within its own environment.
   And just because it doesn't flow at one speed in one direction, you can't say that's wrong. What the stream does is right for the stream. What SW does is right for SW."


   And another:

   «Strong-willed women and people loving strong-willed women will definitely love Keppler's books. There are few «typical, civilized, conditioned, overcautious human female characters» in his stories».



   "This is the sickest book I've ever read. The writer should seek professional help. This is a celbration of all mankind's worst qualities, a Godless, blaspemous and Satanic story without moral backbone".


   «Still, it least it will serve some useful purpose now as toilet paper»!!!


   «Keppler doesn't follow the standards. He would drive any editor to despair»!!!



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