Trilogy - Part 3

Phoenix Green Red Earth

Over the sea
Under the sea
Into the forest
Where we can breathe once more

Dreams of Magic
Amos Keppler 1998

   Gray is waning. Green and rainbow are waxing. The Gray will always be with us, as a warning, a caution, against the temptation of submission and slavery, but The Green Rainbow is regaining its «dominance» in the world. The inhuman anthills, The Gray Fog, all the worlds cities and spires, are crumbling to dust. Humans lose even the semblance of mastery over the world. It’s like a cold shower in the morning, unpleasant at first, very unpleasant, rude awakenings always are, but then comes the experience and the unsurpassed joy of it all. The heat and the cold all at once. The shower is not pinprick needles on the skin anymore, but a roaring waterfall. WE rejoice and roar back. Humanity is set


Wilderness Heartbeat

(Beyond The Velvet Wall)

   The forests that once covered The Earth are returning.
Nurtured in their growth, by the once more unhampered Life on Earth.
Slowly, painfully, they reclaim the scarred, irradiated soil.
The Human Beings regain what was once not theirs.


The Hunters


by dawn

   In a deep forest, on the infinite plains. Feeling the sharp air in their lungs, the blood of fire in their veins. Awakening from a nightmare of glass, steel and concrete. Frail bodies, frightened minds. They’re free now. There’s a rustling of weapons, a rousing of the senses, already sharp and clean. Bodies are gaining strength from the Moving, recovering from the sapping strength of inertia. They start running, through the forest, on the fields, chasing the smell of the game.

   Chasing the blood, boiling, the sound of it drumming in the hunter's ears. Sprouting from the wound of the stag, the elk, the kill on the ground, pulsating in waves through the ever beating heart of the game, glowing in the hunter's hand, head and chest.

   The tribe are gathering around the Fire, the Storyteller setting the stage of Night, Mystery and Imagination

Yes, we're Human Beings once again.





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Renovation and expansion 25-10-1998.
308. night in the third year in the time of The Crimson Tide.

Completed 1999-05-27

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