Trilogy - Part 2

Phoenix Rising
Phoenix Rising

We’re often asked question like these:

What if the forces of chaos and anarchy you encourage should be prevalent. Aren’t you afraid it then would be impossible to save Civilization?

The reply, if it’s somewhat polite, goes somewhat like this:

We are forces of chaos and anarchy. Proud of ourselves as we are, we’re not interested in saving civilization... We want to destroy the SHIT!

"Montgomery told me that the Law... became oddly weakened about nightfall;
that then the animal was at its strongest;
a spirit of adventure sprang up in them at the dusk;
they would dare things they never seemed to dream about by day".

H. G. Wells
The Island of Dr. Moreau

Empty, empty are the parking lots of man.

The Season of The Witch

The marking of the Season, the time of the year, is the end of summer, the beginning of the fall, from the rise of the full moon in October until Halloween, October 31st ... This is the somewhat established, accepted, kind of non dangerous belief. Even in its more... sinister applications it's been transformed into something quite harmless, as a step towards desired control, by those who deem themselves rich and powerful. But The Season of The Witch have also an ancient, far more, powerful significance, as a Time of Chance. When the established order is dissolved and the agent of change, The Witch, gains a bittersweet, upper hand.

These are the nights when mankind takes its first, tentative steps back to Nature. Season of The Witch is The Time of Change, irresistible, when everything human falls into The Abyss. The Abyss have always stared at us. Now we can no longer look away, we must stare back.
Magic is not things or physical effects. It moves and grows inside us. At least it used to, long time ago. For centuries now, we’ve lost a little of that feeling, that life, each time a witch has burned or he or she was terrorized into silence and inactivity. Bits and pieces have been chipped away. Those in power and those who covet that power, have done their very best to extinguish all pride, all humanity in us. They may think they’ve nearly succeeded, but they would be wrong. For ten thousand years to this day, they’ve merely pushed down the lid on the steaming kettle. Something can never be extinguished, life will find a way. Humanity slumbers like embers. There are always embers, ready to become an inferno by the first strike of a match. This, the slow and fast awakening of the fire, is The Season of The Witch. The tearing down of the wall, the breaking of the dam.
We stare into The Abyss and are not put off when it stare back. Not anymore. Call us Children of The Midnight Fire. Names don’t matter, but they might be important. We’re among many things, Witches, bearers of knowledge, bringing the word of the tide.
They worry when they see us, when they feel us, and they are angry, because we show them that life is different, show them that the human spirit is still alive.
There are things worse than death. One such obvious shebang is the living death of today. It must be okay walking like a zombie... since virtually everyone do it, and even want to force those who refuse to live like that, to confirm to their way of zombie «living». Yes, this is an optimist speaking. I believe there are a way out for mankind, as individuals and as a species, a way out of this prison we,ve locked ourselves inside, the prison so aptly called Civilization. Yes, there will be suffering and death, but people die in war, and The Human Beings, and the Earth itself is at war with Civilization. In the aftermath humans and humanity will have the chance to live once more. The alternative is so dreadful that it fills me with dread every time my mind crosses the thought. The alternative future is not a world where an already overpopulated, overcrowded «human» society live together in peace and harmony. We live that illusion some of us today, with fraud of the hope in an utopian future. This is not something new or different from earlier eras. With each promise of the future mankind has taken one more step away from Nature, from itself. We’re so very far away from home, all of us, so very far.
FC speaks about a hardly possible future time where the leaders have achieved something akin to control over their subjects, their sheep, their ants. A time when all rebellion failed, when the breakdown of social structures and the rage of the Earth didn’t crush civilization.
That future is Mega City! A perpetual Hell where The Gray Fog, The Tumor, The Stone Desert, The City, Civilization has conquered Earth. There are only one or two or five of them... And together they cover the once fruitful Earth. The blood is cold in the veins. Everything is poison. There are no natural green left anywhere. Mega City stretches on forever...

Illumination In Gray

This is the world of the masters and their codependent, interloping slaves.


All possible Nightmares drives us, forces us to come to terms with what we’ve become. We’re speared on a spire in Mega City and cannot move. Our thoughts, our spirit flee in terror back in time, back to the past, to the sweet, sweet present, where air is breathable and life can still be good. There’s still hope, one desperate unavoidable gamble before the end.
We wake up to the Season of The Witch, The End Time of Civilization spoken of by so many seers in ancient times.
We of The Phoenix Green Earth aid the disintegration, fan the flames, feed the fire. It’s enough. Civilization is fragile like a nut. Crack the hard shell and it’s soft as mud inside.
Hunters, Nomads, formed by chains, forged by mirages to live like sheep, like ants, become Nomads, Hunters, once more. Each Human Being is potentially many, but this is our core.
Nightsun rises over the tall mountain, illuminating the wild ones prowling the wilderness. We wake up by the fire, from a bad dream, nightmare no longer, fading like it never were. This is the time of the Human Being. Our days have finally come.

Thoughts from the edge of consciousness
Amos Keppler 1998

Updated 29-03-1998.
100. night in the third year in the time of The Crimson Tide.

Final update 25-10-1998

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