Trilogy - Part 1

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The Gathering Storm


There’s some action today taken against part of the machine that poison The Earth and the human spirit. But for the most part it’s random and unfocused, almost benign in its naiveté. Very little damage, if any, is done to the system itself. Most of the non - lethal attacks are on the many symptoms of the disease. Very few realize or want to realize, that The Disease is society as a whole. It’s the Total Scenario thinking and not the least action, that is necessary to really attack the root of it all.
Phoenix Green Earth is for those that «are mad as hell and can’t take it anymore», the desperate and disengaged, who also have freed themselves from the social trappings and bindings of society. There are many of us over the world at large, but so few that there are maybe just one in each place or even each city. Strangers to each other and in the society of their birth. A gathering of forces, of strangers, is long overdue.

One important thing: We’re not gonna tell you what method you should use to destroy civilization, which method is the best. We’re not about to tell you what you should not do to accomplish the deed. Any attack or disruption, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant, is valuable. The one thing we’ll say to you is quite simply this:

Go ahead and DO it!

Rainbow of The Earth

rainbow earth

We humans limit ourselves. One thing becomes exceedingly clear about the modern world: It, and its most visible inhabitants, picks one wave and one wave only, and denies the mighty ocean. One single wave they believe they may ride through eternity, when it in truth, folds in on itself quite quickly. So stupid, so lame, so damn wasteful.
This fact about The Earth, we and our place on it and other places besides, should be obvious to each and everyone. Sadly, it’s not. Present day humans live narrow, ordinary and boring lives. Civilization was old by its conception and since then its mire and mirth has just increased to unmanageable proportions. The Earth is poisoned and equally so is our spirit. The two concepts are connected. Everything is connected. We’ve forgotten that. We’ve forgotten so much!
We limit ourselves and are dependent on ever more things outside ourselves. The more dependent we become of mechanical servants the more necessary they’ll be. They do more and more and we do less and less. Once in a far away past this viscous circle of dependency began, the dull puppet dance of technology, where we started biting our own tail. Needs, demands create goods and those goods in turn, create more needs, demands. Such has it been since the first cities on Earth and such is it today. Such will it be, as long as civilization exists and technology beyond spears and knifes dominates humanity.


But the human spirit is not dead. Throughout recorded history, through the whole «progress» of civilization, there is... something in us, of us, that has fiercely opposed the workings of technology and civilization. A part refusing to fall asleep, to die. A drive, a fire, of night and shadows. Our most «valuable» part, perhaps even that which defines us, makes us what we are. That which endures.
There are many legends, shrouded in time and shadows, about a winged creature, of life and fire, dying in flames, rising from death. From the ashes of its former life. Again and again, unending to the end of time and beyond. It’s the myth of each and every human, of humanity itself, defying the life that is death, the death that moves and breathes.
We are Phoenix, the incarnation of life and fire. We always have been and always will be, reborn from the ashes. The ashes of civilization is the biggest pile we’ve done so far, but we’ll rise from both this big heap of garbage and our own inner ashes. Fire is nature’s way of cleansing itself, so something new and fresh can supplant the old and stale. A person can be dead even if he or she moves and breathes. The same can be said about communities. Developments that seem like change may not be that at all. Such is the treachery, the illusion, of civilization and technology. Dead wood containing hardly nothing but ashes. Yes, it’s time. Time to burn the world. Putting out fire with gasoline and feed the beast, reap the whirlwind. The Phoenix will flap its wings and leave the green rainbow earth in its wake.


Amos Keppler
One Sherwood Forest
167. night 12052
In the second year in the time of The Crimson Tide

Long live the dead. May they one day, or/and one night, be roused, woken forcefully from their sleep.

Go where angels fear to tread.
Walk into the jungle, the wilderness,
to related and unrelated places of night and fire.


Trilogy Part 2

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