Shroud of Time and Space

I can feel him coming
Of course, it' s nothing new
I've always felt him
Everybody do


O'fire, where's thy sting
Restless spirit
Where do you hide yourself
In all my life, I've never wanted to hide
A thirsty thirst for the thirsty
Come brother and reveal thyself
Many have wanted to hide me
They decided they did not need water
They decided nobody do
They are nothing to me
Death is nothing to me
Just a burst of smoke
In the unending flame
Come, sibling, show them
There's life

Rising From The Molten Sea

They think me confined to this bed
In this house, in fucking Hastings
More the fools them
Existence is a state of mind
People exists in their own backyard
And are so confined


It is said
Thou shall not disturb what rests
I say you should
I do it all the time
You see, I've discovered the secret
I would like to share it with you... but I won't
You must work a little hard
For it-search for yourself
In the end you will know of course
The joke we play on ourselves

Grandfather Death is waiting
Patiently at the end of the tunnel
But I'll cheat him, I know I will
Maybe he likes that, I don't know
I'm not the first and not the last
I'm going ashore a little and then...
I'll ride the river Styx once again

Skull Skull Skull