The world of today
is a bottomless pit
where none escape
It's a heap of garbage
With a lot of smaller heaps
It's nothing to desire
You don't want it
But it certainly wants you
I want you I want you
It makes you smile pretty
pretending you love living
In a garbage-can
If you want lot and lot
Of rotten fruit, this is it
You've come to the right place
You rise from bed each morning
Go to bed at night
That's pretty much it
It's the way we do things
in highly civilised communities
Like our own
Yes, magic should be made without tears
But not without rage
Certainly not
In no other way can you

Chogo Ri

The world of today
is a bottomless pit
Wherever you turnbr> Naturally you would
want to escape
Wouldn't you
Climbing the steep, slippery walls
Imagining you almost
reach the top
Before you
Fall down
Imagining Falling all the way to the bottom
You lose all your possessions
Please start again
You start all over again
And fall down Fall down

Ways to Endure

What is left
When you got nothing left to lose
You're nothing
You don't have anything
You were relived of
Your clothes yesterday
The last of your dignity today
Tonight you start to think
You don't do suicide
You have no more appetite
For sinking

You endure and start planning
You stop planning and start climbing down
Down Down Down
It's easy when you think about it
Everything is constructed
To obstruct your climbing
Not your falling
Down Down Down

You descend into the deep of the pit
The deepest pit, into the abyss
You stare back at it
The slum the dirt the shit
They call civilisation
With an elegant swing of your sword
You chop off all the nine heads
Then you blow the monster
To kingdom come
You leave it to it, it is welcome
It is over
You draw breath, it' s fresh air
Civilisation loses all possessions
Representatives of power must start all over again
You're there waiting for them
They're going Down Down Down

Cloud of Darkness

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