As The River Runs By

Abyss Born

Pumpkin Born

October 12.1875: Edward Alexander Crowley is born in Leamington Spa Warvickshire, into wealth and into the pietistic movement, the Plymouth brethren.

1881: The family moves to Redhill in Surrey, to the "water mill".

1886: Edward saw his father dead in a dream. Father died of cancer the same year. The boy moves with his mother to London, to Uncle Tom. On the Plymouth brethren school, he is "sent to Coventry"

1991: He attends Malvern public school where he writes a poem in defence of Florence Maybrick, sentenced to death for poisoning her husband.

1895: He starts attending the university of Cambridge. He leaves it in frustration a few years later.

1898: By chance and by circumstances he is introduced to George Cecil Jones. Jones in turn, introduces him to Samuel Liddel Mathers, chief of The Golden Dawn Society.

NOV 18, 1898; Aleister Crowley is initiated into The Hermetic Order of The Golden Dawn. He is given the magical name Perdurabo (I will endure).

1900-1902: His first world-journey. It ends in a failed attempt to climb Chogo-Ri (K2).

1903: In Edinburgh he meets his first wife and "scarlet woman", Rose Kelly. On their honeymoon to Egypt he first calls himself Chioi Khan-The Great Beast. There he writes "The Book of The Law".

Aug 22.1905: He leads an attempt to climb Kanchenjunga. It' s a failure. The expedition breaks up in total chaos and disagreement.

1906: His daughter Nuit, dies of Typhoid in Rangoon.

1907: He is expelled from Golden Dawn and forms his own order, the Argentum Astrum - The Silver Star.

Pumpkin Born

1912: Crowley meets Theodore Reuss, the head of OTO - Ordo Templi Orientis - Order of The Temple of The East.

1914-1919: He lives in America, writing for "The Fatherland" - a german pro paper, denouncing the British war-effort. And he has sex and magic with countless women.

1920: After returning to London, he travels to Italy and finds his "Abbey of Thelema", outside the city of Cefalu. His reputation starts to spread over the world after several scorching articles in British newspapers.

Late April 1923: He is ordered by Benito Mussolini to leave Italy. Sometimes later, he becomes leader of the OTO. He gains reputation as "the wickedest man in the world".

1929: He publishes the novel "Moon Child", written in 1917.

1930: He publishes the first two volumes of Confessions. No bookshops would offer it for sale.

1934: Two court litigation's are lost.

1944: The book of Thoth-A deck of classic Tarot-cards.

Jan 17.1945: He moves into Netherwood, The Ridge, Hastings.

DEC 1. 1947: Aleister Crowley dies. He is cremated four days later in Brighton. Many disciples and former mistresses were present.

Beyond The Veil

1951: The law that made witchcraft illegal in England were repealed.

1954: Magick without tears. Published by Karl Germer
George Gardner publish Witchcraft Today.

1958 John Symonds: The magic of Aleister Crowley

1971 John Symonds: The Great Beast. And: The life and magic of Aleister Crowley.

1958 - The present: Many of his minor works and all of the major ones are being reprinted. Many write about him and his life and magic. He is considered one of the biggest influences in the development of the occult in the twentieth century. He remains controversial in the eyes of the public and the authorities.

There has been several Crowley "revivals".

Everywhere Everywhere

Magic is only the power of the mind. And the mind, like the whole human, is like an iceberg. We see only a small part of it.

Vladimir Svareff 12050

"All my life I have used to reap knowledge. But I found (in the long run) that no man nor any book could teach me the truths I yearned and longed for".

John Dee 1527-1608

"Magic are able to fathom and experience things that cannot be grasped by the human reason. Because magic is a large, secret wisdom-like reason is a large, common folly".

Paracelsus 1493-1541

"Fay ce que vouldras".
Rabelais (Gargantua)

"Human beings are deep wells of energy, immense reservoirs of force, the force of life determined to subdue matter".

Colin Wilson

"Dissolve the modifications of the mind, and an infinite power will be unleashed in you".

Patanjali 150 "BC"

Demon Horn