Children of The Midnight Fire

"Who isn't busy being born, is busy dying"
Bob Dylan



  There are so many voices in the night. They may be silent, but you hear them still. A stream will always reach the sea.

Forever, forever, forever!
Good evening, Iím your host. Iím the night.
I am Anubis. The mystery of death.
And I am Mysteriam, the secret of life.

  Voices in darkness may be screaming in deafening ways, but still you hear them... and understand. Forever forever forever. Silent night, exciting night, is howling in your soul, riding down Styx - The River of Knowledge... and Death. No ferryman is there to take you, no guide awaits on the other side, except you. This is not your first time, nor your last. Youíve travelled this road many times. Each time is the same, each time is different. Youíve travelled far and your Journey continues...


rituals of and

  We die and are reborn throughout life, throughout eternity. We rise from the molten sea, and dive back into it, wave over wave over wave. This dynamic action is the crossroad of our existence.

  Come forth, child of night and fire, approach Samhain - the gatherer of life and fire. Take thy communion, leave what thee have left behind, embrace thy new life.

     Wind and time is flowing through me.

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Midnight Fire 


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