Your Own Fate by Amos Keppler

   220 tightly spaced pages. Hardcover edition. ISBN 978-82-91693-05-7

   Release date August 21, 2010.

   Sales price Europe €27.50, UK £22 and US $33 (considerably less on some online stores). The novel is 87 000 words, and would have been close to five hundred pages if I had used the spacing and font size most established publishers do.


   «Your Own Fate is a smorgasbord of independent thought and creativity. It makes me ponder things I’ve never even considered before» - content reader.


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            THE BOOK

   In boca al loco - in the mouth of the wolf.
   Italian salutation

   From The Book of Fate:
   In the Book of Fate there is everything. Every incident, all times, everything that has been, that is, that will ever be, everything that might be, everything that could have been.
   But who is writing it? Who is penning it? Who is turning page by page, too many to be counted, blowing in the wind? Does it perhaps write itself, with a pen moving across the yellow sheets by itself? Or is it a hand moving the pen, one unseen, one stretching back into the past, back to the time before everything was created, creating itself from nothing?

   Timothy Joyce is an enigma, a man without a past, appearing from nowhere, to go on a rampage in an astonished world.

   Jeremy Zahn is hunting Timothy Joyce. It seems like he has always been hunting him, from old London, from the island of angels, where it is said they met for the first time, to the city of angels, California, the new world.
   Here, on this shaky ground, following confrontations spanning the world, its time and space the two will fight for the last time.
   And the world is watching, its people shivering in their frozen hearts.




   Amos Keppler was born on earth, not so long ago. He has lived most of his adult life on the edge of society, opposing its inhuman, life-hostile system of things it's creating. He has no formal education, no one has taught him writing or anything else. He has taught himself everything he knows, a fact he's very pleased with. In addition to being an artist full time he's also a practicing witch and rebel. He's a Nomad, making many Journeys, both spiritually and physically.
   The Defenseless was published recently, heralding a string of novels from Keppler the next few years. He started his own publishing company because he wants independence, and because he has been convinced a long time ago that no publisher will ever publish his works, at least not in a way even close to how he wants it done.
   His first English novel, ShadowWalk, one of the most controversial and offensive novels ever written has plagued the world for seven years now. The Defenseless, Your Own Fate and the rest are indeed more of the same in that regard...
   At the dawn of the artist/publisher age true artistic freedom is no longer a distant dream.







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