Thirty years before NOW:
   Jeremy Zahn is born in London, England, the land of angels.

   Thelve years before NOW:
   Jeremy Zahn starts his studies of journalism, leaving it a year later to become a police officer.

   Eleven years before NOW:
   Timothy Joyce appears on a French talk show, assaulting and impersonating its host Marc Delon. Two days later he is robbing a bank twenty meters from the studio, eventually killing everybody inside.
   Jeremy Zahn is entering the British Police Academy, excelling in the training and hailed as a wonder boy.

   Eight years before NOW:
   Timothy Joyce is entering the Arthur Markham School of Arts and Development For the Gifted in Katmandu, Nepal. The Nepal Year begins.

   Seven years before NOW:
   A major part of the student body, led by Timothy Joyce, including Markham’s daughter Abigael is leaving the school, citing major philosophical differences with the teacher as the reason, leaving the school, its remaining staff and student body in disarray.

   Five years before NOW:
   Joyce and his terrorist cell are virtually eradicating the Japanese city of Nukamura from the face of the Earth, permanently closing down two nuclear power plants.

   Three years before NOW:
   Joyce, Monica Valdez and their warriors are robbing Magic Club Casino in London, kidnapping Gwen Talbot and mortally wounding Jeremy Zahn, the very day Zahn is made the youngest Lieutenant in the annals of British police.
   During the next three years a vengeful Zahn is waging battles against Joyce all over the planet. The war has begun.

   Jeremy Zahn arrives in Los Angeles, the city of angels hot on the heels of Timothy Joyce. A three-year hunt is finally drawing to a close.


















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