Los Angeles Times - David Kelly - A COMSAT EXCLUSIVE

   The international infamous terrorist Timothy Joyce pulled another of his amazing - and some would say daring - stunts today, when he eradicated almost an entire team of government sponsored wolf hunters in front of a gathering of international journalists. «Giving fair warning» as is his habit days in advance Timothy Joyce appeared in the middle of the bright day, and started without ceremonies to kill off the wolf hunters one by one. The hunters fired several shots, but they only managed to hit each other. The entire «operation», as Joyce is fond of calling his terrorist acts took less than fifteen minutes. In a terrain of snow and harsh winter he took out ten seasoned, hardened hunters, seemingly without breaking a sweat.
   When the army and policemen - the assigned protectors - finally arrived, it was all over. The snow was colored red by the hunters’ blood.



   The man in the dark room calls himself Frank. He won’t show his face, but the stench of fear is strong in the room.
   - I was a wolf hunter, he says nervously, constantly looking around at his immediate surroundings, which by the way is a very tiny room. It’s easy to see the walls, but Frank seems to see something different from us, seeing beyond the walls, to the world beyond. – Me, and my hunting buddies had for a couple of years, quite successfully played hide and seek with anti-hunt nutcracks. We were better equipped and also occasionally state-sponsored with helicopters and such. We were big, man…
   - Joyce… he appeared out of nowhere, man. He is the nowhere man, you know. He is everywhere. You won’t see him… until he’s There.

   Frank is hiding his face behind shaking hands.

   - He took out Watkins first. I saw it and shot at him. I hit something, I’m sure of it. In hindsight. Yes, it was probably Seers. He was behind Joyce. The bastard moves so fast that you can’t get a lock on him. He’s like a wolf, man, but far more ferocious and cruel. He looked at me, looked straight at me, with his feral eyes… and then he was gone, vanished like smoke, as if he had never actually been there. And I… I was left alone. I’ll just wait here, awaiting his judgment. He will come one day, I know that. I’ll just sit here, for a little while and wait, wait for the inevitable.




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