Los Angeles Times - David Kelly - A COMSAT EXCLUSIVE


   The blue-colored sign with white letters are stained by blood and innards, hair and remains of crushed brains.
   The international infamous terrorist Timothy Joyce has struck again. In another of his incomprehensible direct actions he has butchered all but one employee within the Piccadilly Circus London Underground Station, and every murder is on tape, recorded by the internal security systems designed to «protect the employees against disgruntled travelers’ aggression». The tape is yet not released, but this reporter has been shown selected footage, and I can tell you it is shocking beyond words.
   On one occasion we see Joyce effortlessly holding a man up while staring into the camera. Then, as an afterthought he crushes the man’s skull at the sign designed to warn against aggression against the staff.



   The man is still dressed in his London Underground uniform. He still hasn’t changed clothes several days after the incident. His hands keep shaking in his lap, and he looks like he is afraid of his own shadow.

   - I saw him with my own two eyes, he says quietly. – He walked past me, without really acknowledging my presence. I saw him, and I will never forget it. I will remember it all to the day of my death, which I gather is not that far off.

   Timothy Joyce always leaves one alive, one witness to tell the tale in all its gruesome details.


Sign placed on the Bakerloo Line, at Piccadilly Circus Station, the London Underground



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