The True Current Events Cornerstone

The True Current Events Cornerstone



   Recent reports, among them one from Norwegian Social Research Institute (NOVA) confirm what has been known for some time:
   Student eagerly obeying authorities are getting higher grades comparing to those with a critical, inquiring mind. Those enjoying being force-fed information succeed, and those who prefer thinking and acting independently don't. The authority loving student is the type who grow up to become society's new leaders, in turn a generation hence encouraging their own kind to keep succeeding.
   The others are kept out of the loop, at best as outsiders, but most of all as outcasts of society. They are the Unwanted. Society has no use for them, since they can't easily exploit them.
   A Swedish behavioral study, led by a policeman, concludes that risk cases must be spotted as two year olds "for their own sake - to keep them from becoming criminals".

   Four criteria are suggested used:

   These are the criteria used to finding children who will become criminals.
   These are the Unwanted.
   This has always been civilization's method of dealing with dissidents, putting those who won't accept living in the bigger cell, the less overt prison into smaller cells, the overt prison.
   Or to send them to various "reorientation camps", of course, "where they can learn to become useful citizens".
   This is the modern, western democracy. This is one of the sneakiest dictatorships in history. Do you truly want to be among the wanted, among the eager slaves?




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