The Weekly Report Cornerstone

   Week 31 July 17th to 23rd


   There is something almost ridiculous about present day human activity, according to ever more studies in recent years. Ridiculous as in a horrendous sense. The studies are piling up, actually, and they’re published, but obviously they’re not actually read, according to a group of researchers who have studied the reports. Health reports, cataloguing of industrial spills, sex changes in a range of species from frogs to man, an ever increasing number of infertility, cancers and hormone disturbances. It’s becoming painfully evident that for some reason or another, if reason is involved at all... that we’re waging a war here, or rather... chemical warfare against ourselves.
   No matter where you live today, whether in New York City, or on a remote island in the arctic ocean, anyone willing to put up the $ 2000 for testing will find more than 250 synthetic chemicals in their body. And that’s just an absolute minimum, common for all present day humans. In high risk areas the number are higher and the dosage are still more concentrated. From 1940 to present day roughly 1000 new chemicals have been introduced each and every year.
   What is really happening in this self created chemical laboratory of ours, that we’re all living in, is that we’re disrupting on a grand scale, with an ever increasing abandon, the processes of life, processes of life, conditions nature have used billions of years to set up. Pesticides, herbicides, preservatives, endocrine disrupters, constant radioactive spills, medicines, tampered food... an endless list of unnatural presence in our lives.

   editor’s note: There will later be a special report about this subject on this site. For more information see Chemical Cocktail, INFO and ARCHIVES

   For people taking a special interest, I have a loooong list of additional links, illustrating it all, proving this beyond a shadow of a doubt.




Entered 2000-07-19