The True Current Events Cornerstone

The True Current Events Cornerstone



   The Earth keeps its secrets...

There is whispered today
About times past
When giants walked the Earth
About secrets too terrible
For the light of day
Hidden away, unfathomable
In dusty minds, dusty archives
Of paper, minds and flesh
Fearing it will all once more
One day, one night
Rise from its ashes
As secrets do

The Earth reveals its secrets...

Resurrection dreams
Are haunting the waken moments
Of modern humans
Whispers like thunder
Of what we once were
Hidden below the Earth
Deep within a star
Inside us all
Is the secret that can
No longer be kept
This is The Burning
A glow like a star
Exploding like a universe
Deep in the gut
Of the Human Being

The Earth reveals its secrets
The Burning has always been inside us
We have just forgotten
Just been taught to forget
By the sniveling goats
Calling themselves Human Beings
Totally unable to handle
The Burning

Luanne is waking up one morning
Unable to go back to sleep
She dresses, looking into the mirror
Looking into the cracked mirror
Seeing a different Luanne
She’s hitting the streets
On her way to today’s slavery
She meets up with Chloe
With Peter, with Carl
They’re all heading for work
They’re looking at each other
Looking hesitatingly at the open door
Of the bus where human beings
Are stuffed like sardines
They leave the bus
Cries of suffering
Surrounding them like a coffin
They don’t go to work
The office, where human beings
Are stuffed like sardines
In a box

They hit the streets, leaving the streets
Finding a nice, quiet spot
Sitting in a dark, secluded café
Nursing their coffee
Coffee turns cold
Blood turns hot
They head for the nearest
Construction site
Going to work
They break through its high fence
Its barbwire
This is who we are, they cry
This is The Burning
They climb a lifting crane
A lifting crane with
The nice, little addition of
A wrecking ball
It’s tall, this lifting crane
Dwarfing the tallest buildings in the city
They jumpstart the engine
They’re on their way
The demolition crew
The wrecking ball starts swinging
Dancing on the precipice of the skyscrapers
Hitting the first building, the first wall
Panicked screams are rising from the gray fog
The stone desert
Blood and guts are decorating the gray
Hitting the streets far below

The entire building collapses in a brimstone
Of blood and guts
The next building is close
Just a turn of the crane
And more screams are added
To the zombie death cry
They wonder, the four in the crane
Can one kill what is already dead

Shadows are haunting the city
Creatures of mist and fire
In an excavation site below the city
Ancient carvings are found
Ancient knowledge of
Accessing the power within
They can feel it
Pulsing in their well, their Deep
A cone of fire rises from the deep
The city dies with a whimper
Not a shout
A corpse is giving up its ghost
The ancient tablets are teaching them
Teaching them to teach themselves
And they feel it
Feel The Burning.
Life is being reborn
In its wake

This is the secret:
The world is Magick
The world is Power
Human Beings may be witches
A threat to any imposed reality
So they turn the stone
They pick up the Magick
Revealing it to the world
Hearts are beating
Blood is boiling
Eyes are glowing
As the resurrected dream
Set out in the world
To destroy it
This is The Burning
The Earth joyfully
Giving up its secrets

We know our own worth
We know the fire inside
We know it’s worth any pain
Any hardship
To keep burning
This is The Burning
This is the power within
The burning inside
The human cauldron
Lit to the max

   Amos Keppler 2003



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