The True Current Events Cornerstone

The True Current Events Cornerstone


     January 16th 2006

   Glowing Green Pigs

   by Amos Keppler

   Taiwanese scientists have recently announced their «making» of fluorescent green pigs, joining the «institute» in Scotland also having green sheep, chicken and mice modified with the green fluorescent protein found in Jellyfish. The Roslin Institute in Edinburgh, the makers of Dolly the Sick Sheep, has also announced they will mix human and rabbit genes.

   The future is here, people. The future is Now!

   It seems there is nothing stopping these numerous Frankensteins throughout the world. Civilization rolls on, and the insanity is worse than we were warned about ten years ago. It happens faster, and the gross factor is higher. Scientists will modify anything they touch. There is, for instance, among many things, talk about working drones with human bodies and a microchip instead of a head, and this is no longer science fiction, no longer scare tactics, but an undeniable future reality. They will keep «improving» nature, unless they are stopped in their tracks, stopped cold.
   No politician will do it. Even those opposed to it all, won’t take the vast necessary steps needed to blast «development» and «research».
   It’s worse than we thought, and quickly taking the turn for the horrible. And what’s worse: what the previous generation sees as insane, the next sees as perfectly okay, since they’ve been spoon fed its professed benefits since birth. And thus humanity and life on Earth is further destroyed. The tailspin, suicide run is progressing geometrically.
   What kind of world do we want? How many daily and pervasive horrors must we witness before we call it a day and say enough is enough?
   Today’s young generation is called «Echo-Boomers» because their views to an uncanny degree mirror that of their parents, and because they are the most effectively programmed generation ever. The brainwashing is about to take in earnest. If the numerous insanities of the current human society aren’t stopped soon, it will be too late.




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