The True Current Events Cornerstone

The True Current Events Cornerstone


     July 29th 2005


   by Amos Keppler

   Picture a giant meat grinder hovering in Space, grinding, grinding. The planet Earth is being sucked into its gap, and out on the other side comes not meat, but metal, concrete, plastic and glass, one giant, planet-sized Mega City, black, gray, dead.
   We are intimately familiar with this Machine. It is, after all, just a larger version of the Meat Grinder we face daily, the grinder digesting us and spitting us out time and time again as we grow up, as we grow old and useless in this world.
   This is civilization, its inevitable result.
   This is yet another consequence of our current lifestyle most people haven’t given much thought, if any at all. What are they thinking? Are they thinking? Humans have already transformed fifty percent of the Earth, transformed it from nature, wild, free and full of life, to something unrecognizable, dead, unable to sustain life. Can a city sustain life? Can one eat concrete? Eat plastic, glass or metal? Earth’s ecological system and systems are breaking down, breaking down faster and faster, as ever more of the Earth is turned into a cemetery, a place fit for the dead, not the living.
   Perhaps distant areas like Mount Everest (its base is already crawling with garbage), Antarctica and the deepest parts of the deserts will remain untouched for a while longer, remain «natural reserves», tiny parks within the grand Mega City. Perhaps there will be small ponds of seawater at the deepest part of the Pacific?
   Perhaps not. Sooner or later it will all go. This is the direction humanity is heading, the planet is heading, and only complete idiots fail to recognize that truth.
   So, what will happen when the animals and plants are gone? What will we eat? Where will we live? Some say Space. There are more than enough planets waiting for the World Grinder… right? Some say we won’t have to eat, since our thoughts will be downloaded into robots, into robot brains. And there are yet other scenarios, one more horrifying than the next. Science and technology have created this world, this horror. And the solution, influential thinkers and masters say, is more of the same, ever more of the same thought-processes and actions that led us here, led us to this place called civilization, this tumor mimicking life.
   I ask you, isn’t that insane? Isn’t that truly beyond insanity, to the point that even the word becomes meaningless?
   Have we lost all control over our own lives, all self-determination and independence?
   I mean, I know that control is an illusion, know what the current professed masters of the Earth can’t admit, even to themselves.
   But have we lost even the most miniscule bit of control? Are we mere puppets dancing to the mad tune of civilization and its eager prophets? Even faced with the worst of horrors, is there no way we can grab that horror by its balls, and cry havoc, shout from the mountaintops and rooftops… that enough is enough?
   What are human beings?
   I know what we are not. We are not puppets dancing on strings. We are not meat processed and digested through the Meat Grinder, through the Soul Grinder today’s world has become. We are not dead spirits, pretending to be human.
   I know what we are. We are free beings, burning with creation and life, the fire of the world incarnate.
   I know we are wasting it every second of the day. I know where that sad fact will ultimately lead us, where it will ultimately end, if we don’t start standing up for ourselves, finally start behaving like the fires of creation we are, and utterly and completely reject the illusion, the false hope of the World Grinder.




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