The True Current Events Cornerstone

The True Current Events Cornerstone


     December 3rd 2004


   - a manifesto about true transformation and change (excerpt).

   by Amos Keppler


   The ęniceĽ option

   Youíre not totally wrong you who say that enlightenment will fade oppression and ignorance in the world.
   But you are totally wrong you who claim that enlightenment alone will fade oppression and ignorance in this world, the current world as it is.
   Well, if everybody, absolutely everybody just rose from bed one day, and abandoned their current life, abandoned civilization altogether, that would work.
   But it doesnít work that way.
   There is a lethargy in todayís world, a destruction of spirit that wonít be overcome by mere words, by words alone. Civilization has become a Machine, one almost existing independently of humans, reducing humans to mere cogs in its system. Itís an imperfect system in many ways, even by its own standards, except in one crucial area: Its effectiveness in dealing with rebellion, true rebellion.
   People attempting to leave, that wonít take part in its insanity are held back by a million thick and thin strands in the web it weaves. Even people who have left are being sucked back in. For the experienced rebel one fact becomes abundantly clear: Civilization canít truly be abandoned as long as it is Here, as long as it is There.
   As long as it exists.

   Imposed sensibilities

   From the moment we are born we are taught a long list of imposed sensibilities. We are told and persuaded to abandon our humanity in favor of what the Machine is teaching us is right, of what it says is good for us. We are, in short, toilet trained to not step outside the narrow parameters set for us.
   All societyís institutions aid in this endeavor. Itís what they are made for, the only reason they exist. Take any officially sanctioned group of people, and their only purpose is to enslave and tyrannize the population. Their purpose is not the official line. Itís not to help people grow and thrive and Live, but the exact opposite. Among the most important here is the family, the childís parents. They do the initial brainwashing, setting it all up, teaching the child to submit to slavery, as they themselves were taught to submit at an early age. Then there is in succession kindergarten, school and the workplace, forcing a Human Being into an ever more narrow tunnel of unreason, irrationality, servitude and living death.
   This tunnel becomes our lives, as we are told repeatedly that everything, the vast world outside it, doesnít exist. Weíre taught normalcy, as another way of controlling us, so we scream for it, discarding every other option. This is the slick, clever system of things we have today.
   Civilization has always been bad for us, even at its early conception ten thousand years ago. We were forced to become something we are not.<
   Today this system works close to perfection. Machine has a tool called democracy, a way of organizing society that is very devious, that is giving most of us the illusion of freedom, of independence, of self determination and participation. We choose our leaders it says. We determine what goes and what doesnít. We choose our own destiny.
   Beside civilization itself, itís the greatest hoax in history.
   Itís just better maintenance, thatís all, better management. The people, the tyrants, the ultimate servants, slaves at the top change. The Machine prevails. The time of the obvious, overt tyrant is done. He or she isnít needed anymore, in this brave new world. The Machineís ascension is almost done, its control close to total.
   That the tyrants never learn anything is one thing, but that the people constantly being lied to never do, either, is worse.

   The struggle

   So, here we are, professed adults, professed independent, hardly more than eternal children led by the noose of our benevolent true parent, the Machine.
   We live by Its set of rules, not our own.
   There is a lot of talk about civil disobedience.
   Disobedient to whom? Are we just unruly children dependent on our parentsí approval? Are we thisÖ stupid?    There is a lot of talk about non-violent rebellion.
   This has truly worked one single time in history and that is in India, and the reason is clear: It was six-hundred million Indian citizens against six-hundred thousand Brits. There was no way the United Kingdom could keep the hold on power when almost the entire India refused to cooperate.
   The situation for true rebels all over the world today is quite different. We are the minority. Most people donít want change. Itís that simple. Most people are sheep. They are not stupid sheep most of them. There is intelligence there, even a lot of it, but the will to use it for anything but the support of the tyranny is utterly absent.
   All true rebels, truly wanting to free the world of the tyranny of civilization should use all the means available to them. Use a flexible response to the constant violence and harassment being used against us by various private and public governments, by elected officials and corporative executives and employees alike. By fighting only non-violent we are fighting with a crutch, depriving ourselves of one asset, one method in the struggle against an ever more pervasive and growing tyranny. We play their game. They say they have a single right to the use of violenceÖ and we believe them. Non-violent ęstruggleĽ is accepted. The police are smiling and their masters are laughing their heart out after a non-violet ęprotestĽ.
   This is a no-brainer and a failed path even before it has begun. Peaceful ęprotestĽ isnít dangerous. On the contrary. It can be compared to a snowball fight. Everybody goes home afterwards without anything being resolved and with no injuries. At least the police and other tyranny henchmen do. The snowball they use, you see is usually packed with rocks. At best. The ęprotestersĽ bleed. The tyrantsí thugs do not.
   What we should do is to play our game. We define our own reality. Not any government. Not the police. Not the media, the fourth supporting estate or any other. We use ingenuity when itís called for. We use violence and intelligence and creativity to fight for a world where freedom reigns, where itís not a four-letter word or a yes-word used by the worst kind of hypocrites.
   Saying yes is very popular in current society, and itís not hard to see why. We are taught to agree even when we donít, to not put our foot down, except in instances where itís socially acceptable. This is yet another imposed sensibility, another in a long, long row of strands in the web, the web of injustice, ignorance and living death so very accepted today.
   Civilization destroys everything making life worth living. Civilization, with its ever-growing, ever-longer list of symptoms, of ever-more horrible symptoms, is the disease.
   Strong emotions, except when being used as yet another pacifying measure are at best frowned upon and increasingly discouraged. Rage, a great survival trait, is portrayed as inhuman, while the ever-greater number of indifferent puppets is growing day by day. I say rage is good. We should be enraged, should be angry over the way the current world works, and we should act on it. Itís the right thing to do, and itís becoming more and more of a necessity, a desperate measure for every new day that is dawning.
   We define our reality. We are not slaves. We are not living dead puppets. Our life, all our lives are at risk, literary, and even more important: our lives as creative, independent and passionate human beings.
   We are born into a vast reality, but our birthright is taken away from us from the moment we take our very first breath. Weíre taught the world is a tiny slice of what it truly is, and that must stop. It must stop now!
   Rebellion is unpleasant. Many donít get that. Even though itís filled with fiery passion and great purpose, it will never be pleasant. Many believe they can take a march or two through the streets, shout a bit loud for a few minutes, and then go home and have dinner, but that is, belating the obvious, just wishful thinking.
   At best.
   There is an old saying, distorted and devalued and downgraded in many recent days: Death or Liberty that is as valid today as the first time it was spoken, millennia ago, when civilization and major injustice and indignity entered human life. It will not and should not be outmoded, not ever, because that day will be the moment we will no longer be Human.
   We are wolves and not sheep, and that is also how it should remain.




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