The True Current Events Cornerstone

The True Current Events Cornerstone


   March 3rd 2004


   Part One

   The number of police officers in England and Wales has reached an all-time high of 138155, according to Home Office’s own figures. They show an increase of 1769 in the past six months, on top of the previous figure, which was a record. The Home Office says new officers are being used for high visibility duties in local communities. The figures, which also show an increase of almost 6000 in a year, are for the period of December 2003.
   This as the cases of police brutality are also reaching an all-time high.
   As intimidation, harassment and persecution of individuals and groups supporting and acting out alternative political beliefs, have gone beyond any previous levels, as laws are being prepared that will make it legal to jail foreign nationals indefinitely without due process, a law that will perhaps also be made to include British nationals.
   There are already many laws in place, because of the terrorist scare processed in record time. Officials say they are made to protect against terrorist attacks, but also «help us deal with disenfranchised individuals and groups within our own community». One of these laws actually makes it a crime (hold your breath here) to want to change society. In the case of «vandalism», for instance the potential sentence can be far higher if a crime is done for a political purpose, like environmental concerns.

   Part Two

   Around three thousand would-be agents are reported to have responded to David Blunkett’s recruitment drive for M15, UK’s intelligence services. The home secretary announced plans earlier this week to hire 1000 new intelligence officers to counter the «threat» of al-qaeda attacks in the UK. Whitehall sources told The Times newspaper «a wave of patriotism» had inspired thousands of young people to respond to his call. Mr. Blunkett aims to boost staff at the security service by 50 percent to 3000.
   In related news Prime Minister Tony Blair is still refusing to either confirm or deny the allegations made by former cabinet member Claire Short and others that the UK was spying on and bugging United Nation key personnel during the events leading up to the invasion of Iraq. Instead of this leading to a search for the truth, the brave whistle blowers have, as usual been threatened and called «a threat to national security». As is very often the case, intelligence services and the forces behind them, are being used against a country’s own inhabitants, the very people they are purported to protect.
   Claire Short has received a warning that legal actions may be taken against her, «if she doesn’t end her exposure».
   Great Britain was the first country in the world with extensive video surveillance in the streets. It started in Newcastle in 1994, and once that was done without any major protests, it was carried out all over the country, and eventually also abroad. A report stating that people felt less secure with the CCTV system in place on the London Underground was naturally ignored by the various authorities. Now surveillance cameras are a fact of life in all major cities all over the world. And very few are protesting against it.


   UK has always been a little zealous when it comes to oppressive laws, with their lack of a constitution and all. A «curiosity»: It should be mentioned that the uk has previously had a law again «repetitive beats» (techno music), and other weird government impositions. And not to mention the «emergency laws» in place against Irish Catholics. But it should be pointed out that united kingdom is not alone in this. Far from it. They are just, along with the united states, the current frontrunners. Similar laws and practices are in place in most western, industrialized nations.
   Some countries rushed through laws and implementations in the wake of the terrorist scare. Russia and Hungary used the opportunity to strike down on minorities. The state of Israel hardened its occupation of Palestinian land and its oppression of the Palestinian people. And more.
   There is the US/UK Echelon project, designed to listen in on every form of communication made on the planet, both for political and industrial purposes.
   Hundreds of people are being contained without trial, both in the us and uk, and other NATO countries, with no release in sight.
   Laws and practices already in place before the so-called 9/11incident have been reinforced and «improved».
   Freedom has always been a four-letter word in the dark rooms of the established order. This is nothing new. They are just tightening the noose, that’s «all».

   See also: 1984




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