The True Current Events Cornerstone

The True Current Events Cornerstone




Eye in the Sky



   The waves are crumbling, the ocean is boiling...
   Humanity is the greatest Creative Force this world has ever known, a limitless Storm about to run wild, Destruction personified, the ancient myths of Shiva and Vishnu rolled into one. We are the bottomless well, the molten sea, which we stretched our hand into and made ourselves from mud, from nothing.
   What we currently fail to understand is this: A light is not casting a shadow, but the light and the shadow is merely two of countless aspects, cast by a rainbow. We’re not about duality or similar narrow concepts, but a diversity that defies any explanation, any narrow minded viewpoint. Existence do not fit into our narrow perspective of it. We’re wasting ourselves on labeling ourselves instead of being ourselves.
   We may be the greatest creative force the universe will ever know, and we’re wasting it on toys, on trinkets.
   On manifestations.
   Freedom is chained, creativity is chained, except what is directed towards destruction.