You are free. You can do what you want.


   This place, this Sherwood Forest is for everybody seeking true freedom, true independence from oppression and censorship, seeking to express themselves freely, without constraint. This includes, but arenít limited to self-publishing authors, musicians, filmmakers, artists and human beings in general. True art surpasses art and has a deserved place in human society as a whole. Art is politics, because politics is everything, whether or not you choose to go left or right when you leave your home. Art should be radical, should be controversial, both because there is am undeniable need for it in todayís world, and because the Human Being should always seek to break boundaries and imposed realities.


   I will put up true independent people on this site, their Twitter accounts, their work and sites. People I miss should contact me, of course, and give me their credentials. I will, by default miss a lot. Communicate with me through the Twitter account @truindependence or the Twitter hashtag #truindependence or email. I start the site fairly naked, deliberately so, stripped of stuff and people, since I want it to grow at its own pace.


   If you want a front cover of your novel or stuff up here, make the image the pixel size of 125 (width) x 190 (height). You may also provide a link to a description page, but not a sales outlet. This isnít a commercial site.


   This is True Artistic Freedom stage 3. To read more about that and earlier stages go here.









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